Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm a pretty positive person overall.  But I have a bad case of the Grumpies.  Winter Blues.  Vitamin D deficiency.  SOMETHING.  Usually this blog stays happy, but I want to vent for a minute if that's okay.

It's been a tough week.  Cory had to work 17 out of 18 days the end of this month, so I was expecting it was going to get nutso.  It didn't let me down (or I brought it on myself.  I was anticipating chaos, and it came.  I'm sure there's an energy/real life correlation there).  Here are the things I survived:

1.  The Vikings lost.  I didn't care about the loss.  Don't get me wrong.  I held my breath.  I thought a Vikings Superbowl would be awesome.  But I'm not a huge fan, and was keeping in in perspective (Haiti earthquake has given me continued perspective.  Except where my Grumpies are concerned. Shame on me for that.)  But after the game my friends went CRAZY.  Someone actually said they should die in a plane crash on the way home.  I understand disappointment.  I do not understand violent anger.  I was suprised how much others' reaction affected me at the beginning of this week.  (Blog post to come:  The Downside of Today's Social Media)

1.  Pipe leak on main water pipe into our house.  Cory had to take down some drywall, was able to clamp it but the actual fix is going to involve taking down some ceiling in the mudroom, which means it will cost a bunch to put back together.  Our plumber friend said because of the leak's location, it's good Cory is a firefighter. That alone is nervewracking.  Especially this week.

2. I opened the fridge and dumped a container of mandarin oranges.  In syrup.  I cleaned the entire floor.  Five minutes later, Jack dumped a drinkable yogurt in the same spot.

3. Mr. Rooter found a matchbox car 7 feet down our bathroom pipes.  $235 repair.

4.  I yelled at the boys three or four times this week. Like, yelled.  And I never yell at them.  I scold, I give time-outs, I even give an occasional hair pull.  But I don't yell.  This might have made me more sad than any of the other things on this list. 

5.  It's below zero again.  20 below zero.  Well, at least the windchill.  The cold makes me grumpy.

6.  Come the Wednesday night State of the Union, I was in no mood for objectors.  I bit my tongue and plagued my friend with my rants.  

(Blog post to come:  Are Facebook Status Updates Open Forum for Discussion or Simply Status Updates?):  You may have your own opinion.  You may share it.  I consider facebook status updates an open forum for you?  I was actually considering a separate blog entry about this...please share your thoughts.  I think I comment too freely sometimes...)

7.  I miss Cory.  The boys miss Cory. 

Thank God we're on Day 17.

I will follow this with a HaPPy post.  I promise.  Give me a minute to scan something in.

(Oh.  I fixed the Grumpies.  I bought myself more yellow roses.  Those things make me feel much better.)


Laura Jean said...


Sounds like you need to join the chocolate exchange...

Megan said...
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Julie said...

I'm glad you vented your grumpies. Life isn't always sunshine and friends need to hear about your tough times too.

Facebook status updates are absolutely up for discussion. You're stating your opinion in a "public gathering" of so many different people and if you only want certain people to hear it, then you private message those individuals. Otherwise, it's fair game. Actually, I kind of think that about people's walls, too. If you don't want others commenting about plans for the weekend or something, then message the person instead. It's all public.

Hugs and love! I'm so glad it's day 17... Hang in there for one more day.

Leanne said...

Thanks so much, Julie. That's how I feel too. But sometimes when I post something, I just want support and don't really want to hear the controversial comments, you know? But I do fully understand that everyone reads it (well, those who haven't hidden me in their news feed...heh) and I welcome all comments.

Most of the time, I'm looking for a conversation. And I've been inspired and challenged by many others opinions, and I appreciate that more than most people know!

My kiddos are going to Matt & Penney's tomorrow, so Day 8 should rock. I have a massage/chiro appt and lunch with a great friend. I'm really looking forward to Day 18, come to think of it!

Leanne said...

Oh, and Laura: I don't know. I'm still mulling over the chocolate exchange. :)

Julie said...

Oh, I hear you about the not wanting controversy. I'm sure sometimes when you want to post something in support of our President or his policies, you feel like you're preparing for battle! People just need to know what to let go. :)

One more thing. I just wanted to add that you have such a positive, strong and welcoming spirit that you attract so many different types of people to you! It's great but probably why there are so many different views. People can sense that you're open. :)

Oh, and I hope in my last comment you weren't taking the "you" comments as you personally. I meant it as a general "you" as in "one" or "people", if I'm making any sense. :)

Now I'm babbling. It's getting late.

Have an awesome Friday!

Julie said...

Plus, I thought I had one smiley in there. Nope. THREE. I was smiling when I wrote it. But three in as many paragraphs might be considered overkill.

MindiJo said...

Hope this day is much better. ((hugs)) About the yelling: us moms all make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Status updates: fair game for anyone to comment on. Just like blog posts. Sometimes that is hard to accept, tho.

Amy said...

Wow... that's a lot to pile up. I hope you're feeling better. :)
Matchbook cars... who knew?!