Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Teenager

Cole will be thirteen on Saturday (there are so many blog posts to branch off of that statement!).  When I asked him what he wanted and wanted to do for his birthday, he said he wanted a surprise party.  In case you have his logic, here is my primary argument with that:  you can't ask for a surprise party.  Kind of defeats the purpose.  So of course, I said no.  Then I promptly tried to come up with an idea that would satisfy his need for excitement, anticipation and surprise.  This was the best I could do.

I called Kelly and asked if we could borrow him on her night.  She graciously said yes.  So we showed up at her house around 5:15 to "kidnap" him.  We blindfolded him and instructed him not to ask any questions.

I had Cory turn down some random streets.  When we got to a cul-de-sac, I took Cole out of the car (I may or may not have walking him into the car door...depends who you ask.), and walked him around the car.  And then had him get back in.  A blind-folded Chinese fire drill.  WAY fun for ME!

Cory led him into the restaurant.  He was totally messing with him the whole time.  "Okay, step UP."  "Okay, step DOWN."  When there were no steps.  Man, I wish I'd have videotaped it.

The only photo I didn't get is the "Surprise" photo. But he was so happy.  He felt very special, and loved sharing his birthday with Grandma and Grandpa, Tanya and Jason and the kids.  He wanted to take the sombrero home.  He's a great kid, and that was super fun.  I'll have to think of a way to top it for next year! (Note to other moms:  have fun with your teenager.  Laugh when you can.  It's worth it.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Image

See the little pink tree peeking out at me?  The view from my front window

These two trees are sisters.  They bloom red at the same time and are last to fall. They hold hands.

I am the tree.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And Today is Her's

It's Mindi's 30th birthday.  If she sticks to her word, she'll be blogging about that milestone, so I won't steal it from her.  I will, however, share ten memories and things I love about her.

1.  Ted Danson Hot Name Game.  Happy 10th Anniversary, TDHNG!
2.  Her ability to come back to the reason we're friends in the first place.
3.  That one time she loaned me money for my car insurance.
4.  Our car-trips.  (and thus the birth of TDHNG.)
5.  Her hilarity.
6.  BFLs.
7.  The Cutlass Supremes (go green!).
8.  That she loves me even though I've hurt her feelings.  That she always forgives me.
9.  That she plows through challenges.  While being honest about them.
10. That on my 21st birthday, she made me 21 pasties.  YUM!

Happy 30th, friend.  I hope you love your thirties as much as I do!

Monday, April 26, 2010

In Her Honor

Many of you know my old roommate and bff, Peggy.  You may not know however, that she love love loves the Oakridge Boys.  So many nights, she insisted I stay up until all hours singing "I wish you could have turned my head, but left my heart alone!" with her.  She had a poster of William Lee Golden in her room.  I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I loved that immature, silly time in my life, but I'm still grateful I didn't cave when she asked me to move to Memphis to stalk them in real life!  Oh, how times have changed. 

So now, in her honor, on this, her 32nd birthday -- I dedicate this video. 

Love you, Peg.  For'er.

Monday, April 19, 2010


April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.
William Shakespeare

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Threester

Jack turned three yesterday.  I've been calling him the two-year-old, but in the next year, he will be known as the Threester (also known as the 3ster).  I tried to write a blog post yesterday, but I couldn't.  Everything sounded so canned, so generic.  Of course I'm madly in love with him.  Of course he makes me smile every day.  I've talked about he's a blast to take places because he makes everyone happy.

And then, suddenly, I realized why I couldn't do it.  Because I don't to capture those thoughts.  I want to capture him.  I want to put these things in a bottle and open them when he's grown and I miss his chubby thighs and perfectly loving little hands:

I want to remember how he speaks.  How he can't say L's.  So "I will" = "I wiw."  And "I love you" sounds like "I wuv you."  And I want to remember how, when he's moved by sentiment, he says, "I like you, Mommy."  (Which, in my opinion, is harder than loving me some days.)  I want to remember that he calls Matthew, Maffew.  And when we leave him at preschool, Jack tells me (every time, without fail), I'm gonna miss Maffew, Mommy."  I want to capture that he says, "but..." at the beginning of so many of his thoughts. 

I want to remember that he adores his Auntie Laura.  And when he's remembering last year when we went to the zoo, he says to me, "Remember when Auntie Wora took me to the jungle (which actually sounds like jungo)?  That was so fun.  I had so much fun there." 

And I want to capture the feel of his little arms tight around my neck.  I want to remember how at bedtime, if I forget, he comes out of his room to request "a hug and a kiss and a pound and a five."

And how, at three years old, he can put away more food than most ten-year-olds.  How he's partial to hot dogs, hot or cold.  And how it's making his Poppa so crazy, that he's going to find a lock for the fridge.

I want to remember how, when he wakes up in the night (usually because he's sure there are spiders in his bed) and Cory's at work, and I let him crawl into bed with me, he wears that sleepy, satisfied little smile.  And he snuggles into his Poppa's spot and looks like he feels so safe and loved.  So I kiss his little cheeks and he grins, without opening his eyes, because he knows that I love him...and he knows I got played.

That is what I want to capture.  And I hope and I pray that when I look back on this many years from now, I'll remember these things vividly.  Because this child has a personality worth remembering.

I love you, Jack.  I thank God every day that He made me your momma.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had a great Easter and hope you did too.  Have a good week, everyone!