Friday, May 18, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Water

I'm so far behind! I didn't even realize we were on Water when I took this photo this morning.

Filling my kids pool on our first 80+ degree day.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Texture

May Photo Challenge - Sunflare

I'm digging back into my archives for this one.  These are my favorite sunflare photos of all.  My favorites are from vacation, which is no surprise because I have all that time to photograph so many things...I should have done this challenge in June!

May Photo Challenge: Beauty

I really wanted to photograph my mom for this topic, but that wasn't possible, unfortunately.  This is my neice, and I think she's beautiful.  I love the light in this photograph.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Decade, A Lifetime

Ten years ago, on Mother's Day (which was May 12 in 2002), I met the captain for the first time.

I was waitressing at Doolittles in Plymouth; working a double shift that day and it was so busy!  Cory and his family came in for dinner.  Because his mom and I worked together at Polaris back then, I paid a little more attention to the table than I might have.  I remember that we were serving champagne and strawberries to the moms.

The very first thing my love ever said to me was, "I'll have a Captain Coke."  It was meant to be.  ;)

As I recall it, Cory left before the rest of his family.  I didn't think about it much until a couple days later when a mutual friend at work told me his mom was going to call and bug me for some info.  She did.  I remember she asked if I was single and I told her to give Cory my number; I'd do anything once.  I do not remember the date of our first date, but we went to dinner at Sunsets and then hung out at a beach near my house. 

I liked him right away, but if I'm being fair, my love life was pretty complicated then.  I was healing from a difficult long relationship I had only been out of for a couple months, and I had met a guy in New York that I planned on seeing in the beginning of June, when I went there for a motorcycle rally.  Cory told me to call him when I was in New York, but I told him not to be surprised if I didn't.  He was sure he'd never hear from me again.  He was wrong.

I went to New York, and the other guy never showed up.  Providence.  When I got home, it was a Sunday.  I called Cory's home phone and left a message.  He called me from his parents that afternoon, not knowing that I had called him first.  We must have made a decision to meet again.  Things moved pretty quickly from there:  I went with him for a fire department interview in Sioux Falls, SD in the beginning of July.  By the end of that month, we know it was a solid relationship, and were madly in love.

 We got engaged that December, and married the following May, one year from the first time we met.  We had both been in unsustainable relationships and we knew that this one was.  At the time we met, Cory was applying for full-time fire jobs all over the midwest.  He swears he knew he loved me when we were talking about the possibility of him getting a job elsewhere and I said, "I'm mobile." 

I knew I loved him early on.  He has always been so incredibly stable, and strong, and patient with me.  In the beginning, I was still healing from my past, and I had some wounds that he had to wait out.  And he never made me feel bad about it.  He was ten times the man I had always wanted, effortlessly. 

I have a thousand wonderful memories of this past decade.  He has supported me through three pregnancies, and my journey as a step-mom and a mother.  He supports me as a working mom.  And maybe most importantly and endearingly, he supports me as a woman.  He repects my ideals and my expression of them, and encourages me to be who I am.

So on this Mother's Day, a decade later, I want to thank the captain.  For giving me the chance to be a mom and for being my partner. I couldn't do it without him and I am forever grateful for that moment he ordered a drink from me.   Here's to many more, Cory.  I love you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Bold

You don't have to agree with his statements, but you have to agree that standing up for your convictions, even if it might cost you politically, and even if you know others are going to hate you for it, is BOLD.  

May Photo Challenge: What Makes Me Smile

Oh, boy. Everything. 

The garden centers that are open and full of flowers. 
My children. 
My job. 
The promise of a better tomorrow. 

The return of Jack's fauxhawk.

A husband who takes care of me.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Photo Challenge: All Alone

Wow.  I struggled with this one.  I don't see things in the world as alone. Almost everything is in unison and working together.  I see many trees, flowers.  I see many pinecones under a tree.  I see my kids playing together.  I thought of the people I could photograph that maybe feel all alone.  And then I said a prayer for them, that they feel less, and chose to not ask them to prepare for a photography session.

But then, at the end of my day, I enjoyed this.  And the teenager came upstairs and said, "Ooh!  Ice cream!  Can I have some?"  And I said, "Sure.  Anything you can find in the freezer," as I held my half gallon closer.  The salted caramel I am going to enjoy all alone.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This one is from 2009:

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Reflection

I'm reading Game of Thrones by RR Martin.  Worth every moment!

May Photo Challenge: Soft

Evening Light after Rain

A Snuggle with Papa

A Baby's Blanket

Friday, May 4, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Street

This is my favorite street to drive up in the spring.  It's near me, so I do it almost daily.  So pretty with the maples coming in purple.

And this is my street.  We didn't choose this house, we chose this lot.  A third of an acre on the back of a cul-de-sac.  We back up to a couple acres of city park.  There are things I'd change about my house, but I wouldn't change this lot.  Or my neighbors.  But I wouldn't be mad if someone moved in with a seven-year-old boy for Matthew to play with...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Movement

Not gonna lie, I thought this was a hard one. 

I tried to capture a spinning quarter:

And a globe:

But I most love these movement photos I took last year in California:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Bokeh

These photos are my interpretation of Bokeh.  And also a celebration of my very favorite day of the year...May Day.  Nothing is filled with hope like the first day of May.  May is the month of rebirth...when everything comes back to life after winter...turns green and colorful.  I chose to get married this month for that very reason.  Happy May Day, my friends.

A passerby asked me, as I was taking these: 
"How does it look up close?" as I was standing in the tree. 
I replied, "As beautiful as it does from there!"