Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Bokeh

These photos are my interpretation of Bokeh.  And also a celebration of my very favorite day of the year...May Day.  Nothing is filled with hope like the first day of May.  May is the month of rebirth...when everything comes back to life after winter...turns green and colorful.  I chose to get married this month for that very reason.  Happy May Day, my friends.

A passerby asked me, as I was taking these: 
"How does it look up close?" as I was standing in the tree. 
I replied, "As beautiful as it does from there!"


MindiJo said...

LOL. In the tree. Good girl.

I LoVe the pictures. Good job with bokeh, Lenster. It's perfect.

Ang Campbell said...

Gorgeous :)

Julie said...

Ha! IN the tree? You're too cute. Those blossoms are my fave- I look forward to them every year.