Monday, April 26, 2010

In Her Honor

Many of you know my old roommate and bff, Peggy.  You may not know however, that she love love loves the Oakridge Boys.  So many nights, she insisted I stay up until all hours singing "I wish you could have turned my head, but left my heart alone!" with her.  She had a poster of William Lee Golden in her room.  I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I loved that immature, silly time in my life, but I'm still grateful I didn't cave when she asked me to move to Memphis to stalk them in real life!  Oh, how times have changed. 

So now, in her honor, on this, her 32nd birthday -- I dedicate this video. 

Love you, Peg.  For'er.


MindiJo said...

Remember that time she got that karaoke machine and she sang and sang that song? Seriously. She acted all irritated when we sang "My Peggy is american made..." But we both know that she loved it. Because she kept bringing it up at all her karaoke nights.

Leanne said...

LOL. She and I had a (real) version that went something like this:

My Lenny is American made.
Born and bred in the USA!
From her short, choppy hair
To her fat, stubby legs,
My Lenny is American made!

Julie said...

Lol! A BFL perhaps? Cute. Happy birthday to Peggy.

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to Peggy!

ethiopifinn said...

Aw, Happy Birthday, Peggy!

Tara said...

Happy birthday, Pegs! Lee and Mindo - love love love the BFLs today!!

B-day Lady said...

So then after Mindi's email, had to hop on her blog. And then after reading hers, had to hop on yours. You two are always up to no good.

About half of this post is actually true. We actually always sang the oakridge boys. Except I never knew the names of any of the singers. Now I do. All our roommates and friends got so sick of having to listen to us sing oakridge boys, and recite commercials constantly. That was like 14 years ago. Gross I'm not that old. Except when we see each other, we still remember all the words perfectly to our nonsense songs and commercials. That's how rehearsed we were.

I'm pretty sure that's how we both succeeded so far in life.

Now, go send birthday wishes to Mindi. April 27th. She's 30.

Gretchen said...

Hey Peggy, Happy belated Birthday!!! I love the story Leanne :) Pegs, I sure do miss you.