Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And Today is Her's

It's Mindi's 30th birthday.  If she sticks to her word, she'll be blogging about that milestone, so I won't steal it from her.  I will, however, share ten memories and things I love about her.

1.  Ted Danson Hot Name Game.  Happy 10th Anniversary, TDHNG!
2.  Her ability to come back to the reason we're friends in the first place.
3.  That one time she loaned me money for my car insurance.
4.  Our car-trips.  (and thus the birth of TDHNG.)
5.  Her hilarity.
6.  BFLs.
7.  The Cutlass Supremes (go green!).
8.  That she loves me even though I've hurt her feelings.  That she always forgives me.
9.  That she plows through challenges.  While being honest about them.
10. That on my 21st birthday, she made me 21 pasties.  YUM!

Happy 30th, friend.  I hope you love your thirties as much as I do!

1 comment:

MindiJo said...

LOL. I'm laughing AND crying. That was sweet. Wonder if anyone could guess which ones were BFL's?

Thank you. Love you, too. Always.