Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bits and Pieces: July 2010

1. This blog is slack.  After my last post, I really want to follow up with my thoughts.*

2. We're going on another vacation tomorrow.  We'll head to Ashland, WI in the morning and stay at a waterpark/hotel.  Then we'll make for the UP Friday morning,where we'll camp at Ft. Wilkin's State Park with my parents and brothers and sisters and all the rugrats.**

3.  I'm working like a dog.  And still its hard to catch up after the quiet real estate year of 2009.  I want to live financially free.  (Yes, I should learn more about Dave Ramsey.  I'm getting close, I promise.)  I am working with the coolest, nicest buyers ever.  So thankful.

4.  I'm potty training Jack.  This might be my least favorite parenting responsibility.  Ever.  Grrr...***

5.  It's a stunningly beautiful summer morning.  Mid-70s, sunny, cool breeze.  My windows are open for the first time in a long time. Lovely.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Look for the following upcoming blog posts:
*What I Learned:  Why it's Important to Share
**How to Make a Group of 44 Commit to a Summer Vacation
***Potty Training is for the Birds.

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Megan Lorraine said...

I agree. Potty training is for the birds. :(