Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I don't have a girl. And I have boys who never really liked to snuggle. But I've been blessed to have this precious girl in my life, who adores me, and whom I adore. When Malia comes over ever other week or so, on her mom's day off, she comes willingly into my arms. Most times, she lays her head on my shoulder. She's a very busy two-year-old, and she loves to color and play (she's an incredible independent girl), but when she needs a hug, she gives the best hugs. She'll simply lay her head on my shoulder for as long as I'll allow (which is a long time). I've never had that with either one of my busy boys, so I'm grateful for her sweetness.

But she has two big brothers, and can hold her own. Every time. She's a tough one...she cries less than my boys put together!

Maybe that's why I love her so much: she's the perfect combination of affection and strength. The future President of the United States! Go, Lia!


Anonymous said...

This is so very sweet! Malia LOVES you like crazy! When she sees your picture on Facebook, she kisses the screen. Like I told you, I appreciate that all my munchkins have another adult that they can trust which is so important as they grow older. The kids love you and I love you for the friend that you are!


MindiJo said...

She totally has my vote.

Krizzie said...

she's a cutie; I'm glad you have one strong woman in your life!

Julie said...

She's a doll! Love that you have a little girl in your life to give you sweet hugs. Great photo, Leanne.