Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Project Happiness

It's late fall in Minnesota.  Most of the leaves have fallen, and it's chilly.  Like, really chilly.  If you stand really still and smell deeply, you know that the living things are going to sleep.  That they've paid their annual dues and are taking a well-deserved hiatus.  They're also going to play dead so what's coming next doesn't kill them.  SNOW.  ICE.  BITTER COLD.  Whoa.  I even hate those words.

Last year, after the holidays, in the heart of winter, I got super bummed.  SADD?  Who knows.  I call it winter blues.  I just get tired of being cold, and spring feels so long away.  So I went to the store, and I bought balloons and I took this photo.

And I named it Project Happiness.  I vowed to look hard for things that made me happy.  I vowed to focus on them.  And if I couldn't see anything, then I created it.  And I regularly posted photos and thoughts that made me happy. 

This year, if the w****er gets to you and the s**w chills you to the bones, and you think there is no end, look around.  Find something that makes you happy and share it.  With me, with your loved ones.  And call it Project Happiness (with no credit to anyone but youself).  Yeah.  It'll help (me and you).  I promise!

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