Saturday, September 8, 2012

Maternity Leave

I've had myself a few crying jags today.

We've had the captain home for 17 days.  17 great days.  Tomorrow, he starts back at work after "maternity leave."  I'm going to miss him so much.

This guy, he never misses a beat.  Not only does he just step in and do what is necessary around here, but he does it without complaining.  He never makes me feel bad or guilty for all the extra stuff he has to do -- the laundry, cooking, the cleaning, the boys' baths/bedtime/general entertainment.

I feel a little panicky to be without him.  Am I ready to take care of four kids alone?  Will I get to Mass on time and keep everyone together?  Will the lack of sleep make me crazy?  Will I maintain enough patience for the rugrats? 

I know.  Suck it up. Other moms do it.  But I've been spoiled.  And I'm reminded to be thankful for the other (better) half of my team. I love you, Cory.  Couldn't do this without you.  Hurry home.


ethiopifinn said...

To answer your questions... Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

You can do it! Or do what you can.

I was thinking of you today, remembering the countdown to maternity leave was on.

Kiss Clara Beff for me, and tell her I said to keep up the adorableness- she's so good at it.

MindiJo said...

You can do it, Leanne. Things may not go exactly perfectly, but it doesn't matter. Whatever you can do is good enough. Those of us that know you, know that you are going to try harder than you even have to. You are a fabulous mama.

And, seventeen days? You lucky lady, you.

I absolutely love Clara Beff to the moon and back. You, too.