Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Separation of Church and State

In an online conversation a few months ago, when she felt like she had me against the wall she laid a trap: "Don't you want a Christian president?!"

I've been mulling that over.  And I can't decide if you will attack me for this position or not.  Maybe you know me well enough by now.  The good thing?  I know myself well enough.  I feel really comfortable with the hard questions, and after a lot of deliberation, this one is no different. 

Do I want a Christian president?

Meh.  Not important, really.  Look.  The past 44 presidents have been Christians (I think?).  In our history, we've had plenty of presidential scandal, right?  Wars that were based on greed.  Marital infidelity.  Stealing land and natural resources from people just because we could.  Because they had something -- land, resources, that we wanted.  Authorization to occupy countries to protect "our" investment in oil, and diamonds, and other valuable resources.  We've had presidents who were married, and single, and divorced.

Here's the thing -- while I am a very proud follower of Jesus' teachings, I don't think that Christians have a monopoly on morality.  The longer I live and the more people I meet, the more I realize that we're all basically the same.  We're mostly inherently good.  My friend Beth, an atheist, is one of the most generous and accepting people I know.  I have friends who are Jewish, and Muslim, and Buddhist.  I have friends of many sects of Christianity.  And mostly, they're good.  And the ones that aren't as kind, well, some of those folks are Christians too.

I want the president to be honest.  And kind.  And care more for The People than him or herself.  I want the president to place value in hard work and education and caring for the less fortunate.  I want him or her to place less importance on a dollar, and more importance on humanity.  I want the president to love peace, and reject evil.  And choose diplomacy first. 

And wherever they draw their sense of right and wrong from, I pray that they are wise and good.  That's what's important to me.


Thesauros said...

Sounds like you'll be voting for Obama. I'm from Canada, a follower of Jesus with seven adopted children, and I'd have to say that what I look for in a leader is the same as you. And while the weird weird political split in your country is hard to understand - A party supported by "Christians" the policies of which seem diametrically opposed to Jesus' teaching and a party supported by secularists who seem far more aligned with Jesus' Kingdom of justice and peace - well, like I said, to someone on the outside it seems very weird. If I was an American, who wanted to vote my conscience, I think I'd have to go with the O man. While I think we're better off with Christians in government, the last thing with need is a Christian government. We need women and men of integrity and those people seem to come in all stripes.

Good luck in the election.
God bless.
See you There!

ethiopifinn said...


I have been struggling over this election. Last Sunday morning while our kids were in Sunday School, I was talking with two old friends about my indecision.
One of the women said, "Well, the President really doesn't have that much power. It's more important to know who your judges are."
I totally agree with her on this, but I think it probably leads me to a different conclusion.
The culture I grew up in, a conservative Christian culture, informs who I am. It is just part of the fabric of all my decision making.
I am certain the culture our next President grew up in will inform his leadership. It is just how people work.
That is why I cannot vote for Mitt Romney. Mormonism claims Christianity, but, I don't believe that God was a man on another planet. I don't believe he was so good as a man that when he died, he became God of this planet, and especially the USA. I don't believe there is weight in works as far as being saved.
I don't know that anyone person will be a perfect leader of this nation. Perfection is only in the love that is of the Lord.
Peeps around here just can't get to perfection in this life!
Anyway, I am voting for Obama. Unless something happens in the next couple of weeks to change my mind.
I love that you do these political posts. I'm obviously an emotional voter. And I leave the details to you and my HH.

MindiJo said...

I think the lack of political discussion, campaigning, etc speaks volumes about this election. Basically, people already know who they are going to vote for. If you thought Obama has been a train wreck thus far, you won't vote for him. If you love him, you will vote for him. It's strange- after the excitement in the last election season. But. This is exactly why I haven't blogged anything political. I think Obama's first four years has spoken for itself. I have nothing to add.

MindiJo said...

Plus, I hate when I innocently come to get your Creamy Linguine recipe and then get distracted in to bloggyland after reading your newest post. Pffft. Annoying. Pay attention, Minweed.

Marie-Louise Kragelund said...

Leanne, sorry to post this comment a bit late, I don't visit your blog too often.

Just wanted to tell you how much I adore you - you are a GREAT person! <3

Also, I want to share a fact from Denmark: a lot of voters for the only Christian political party we have are Muslims.

Maybe they feel the same way as you.