Monday, November 5, 2012

The other night, I laid my head on my pillow with my gorgeous and loving husband next to me.  I thought of my teenager sleeping downstairs, rapidly outgrowing the twin bed he's always slept on.  I imagined my two rugrats sounds asleep on their bunks.  And my sweet baby girl, across the hall, taking sweet little baby breaths all swaddled up and warm.  And I thought that if I had no other possessions in all my world, but these -- this roof over our heads, and this safe place to be together, it would be enough.  Lord, let me always determine my value by these gifts alone.

Thank you, Jesus.


Chrissy said...

I find myself thinking that a lot a night. My two healthy toddlers snuggled in bed and my amazing husband next to me. We don't have a ton but this right here, right now, is perfect.

MindiJo said...

Pretty perfect.

Love Chrissy's comment. <3

Marie-Louise Kragelund said...

In May we went camping and when we woke up we both had text messages from the burglary alarm (the alarm automatically sends us a message). Thomas rushed home, I stayed with the kids, they were still asleep, and I started thinking of what we might have lost... ... ... And then I called Thomas to say not to drive too fast, because I realized that Thomas and my kids was the only "things" I couldn't bear to lose.
All this just to say that I think I very well know what you mean <3