Sunday, February 3, 2013

Daughter Mine

Clara is only just a smidge over five months, but she's already expressing herself as her own person.  She's starting to show her personality and I am in awe of her. 

I thought my boys were so loud.  They'd bang on things, and throw their toys around, even from a very young age. Guess what?  SO DOES SHE.  This one, she loves loud noises.  She bangs her rattles around in pleasure.  And I just stare at her, because I was sure she would be my peaceful, calm little girl.  Jack walks in and shriek in a high voice and she loses it in a fit of giggles.  So, he does it again.  And again, and again, until she too, follows his lead in shrieks.  Lord, help me.

One way she's very different from the boys is she is very shy.  She won't stay for a sitter, and even gets nervous around family.  Not us, of course.  She's enamored with her papa, and her brothers (thank GOD), but now I know the reason we didn't commit to a couples vacation just yet.  I can't bear it when she cries when I leave her.  So, I'll stay.  Except sometimes I have to go to the store alone.  A momma needs a break, Clara.  Geez.

I am thankful for my sister-in-law, her Godmother, who keeps trying.  And for her grandparents, who adore her anyway.  And I'm thankful that today, she seemed to do better with them.  Because I want her to share her smiles and her giggles with everyone because it's the most endearing thing.

The past week or so she's taken to whimpering when I leave the room.  So we're in that stage, just like that.  Funny how each developmental milestone just creeps up on you.  And it's amazing how she's learning and progressing and even though we've been through it before, it isn't less facinating to watch. 

There are so many things I love about parenting this baby.

I love watching her grow.  I love watching reach for her toes, and get excited when I hand her a spatula while I'm cooking.  I love how her little legs tense up and then start kicking when she sees her papa or her brothers, home from school. 

I love when the teenager says, "Hi, Clara!" and picks her up and throws her in the air.  And when I have to run to the store and he's playing video games, and I plunk her on his lap, and he just lets her play with him.  I truly love watching all of the relationships here develop, but that one?  That one is so special. 

We love her, that little one.  So we'll put up with the shrieking and the banging, and keep the coloring books and teddy bears right nearby, so when she decides she's ready to settle down and be my timid little girl, I'm good and ready. 


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Not to compare children to animals, but I just now wondered if shy children are like cats, where they like the person to ignore them and then they can check them out at their leisure. (I am guessing I was a shy child so this applies to me too.)

MindiJo said...

Oh, my sweet, dear, wonderful, talkative friend. Do you actually think that your baby girl would be quiet? I didn't. She'll follow right in Momma's footsteps. :)
I love you, Len. And I find it hysterical that you hoped for a quiet personality. Ha! Good one.

The thing about a girl with a strong personality? She won't get taken advantage of. Right? She won't let anybody walk on her. It's a good thing.