Friday, December 11, 2009

My First Parental Head Wound

I've complained about it before, but it's a lot of work to get a family of five organized for any time away.  This weekend we're at Grandview Lodge in Brainerd.  It's delightful.  Everything is beautiful and I love this family.  But it's a ton of work to prepare because, well, it's winter.  So I need really warm bundling clothes for being outdoors and sleigh rides.  I need swimwear for the indoor waterpark.  Plus the regular clothes, dress up clothes for the party Saturday night and a few pair of shoes.  For five.  Oh, and a potluck dish.

And I'm the kind of mom who doesn't like to leave the house a mess to come home to, so it's a lot of work to get out the door.  Cory is working today, so most of it fell on my shoulders this morning (to his credit, he helped me with everything I asked him to yesterday.  God bless my sweet husband.).

---  I typed up three long paragraphs about how it happened, and then realized it wasn't that interesting. ---

This is the short version:  Matty plowed into the corner of a wall at 10:30, half hour before our anticipated leave time, and left a gaping, bloody wound. 

It's my first head wound.  I didn't know what to do.  Cory was in an all-day training.  I called our friend Chuck, a paramedic, and then realized that it was Friday, not Saturday and he wouldn't be available to help me.  I called Matt, a friend, firefighter and EMT.  He didn't answer.  After I carried Matty upstairs, Chuck called me back (wonder how frantic my voicemail was...?).  He asked me a few questions and urged me to take him in.  I decided to err on the side of caution and do just that.

As I was loading the kids up, Matt called me back.  He said he didn't have to be at work at the fire station until noon and would head right over.  By then I had a new plan and told him I appreciated it, but it wasn't necessary.  I already had the bleeding child loaded up and the other two at my inlaws. 

Long story short, they didn't have to stitch it, they just put a little Durabond on it - glued it together instead of sewed it - and after tons of blood and even more tears, all was well.

Matt called me a little later saying he planned to have the guys come by in the fire truck to cheer Matty up (we were already enroute to Brainerd).  Chuck sent me a message saying to call him anytime - day or night - whenever I needed help.  Those guys rock.  They make me feel warm and special and loved.  To have that kind of support system is amazing and I am grateful for them. 

And with three rough boys, I'll probably need them again.


Cory said...

That's the part of this job that sucks...Not being home. It's a good thing for friends like Matt and Chuck!

Julie said...

Ouch! Poor guy! (And mom!) What a wonderful support system to have though, how comforting. :) Sean has told us to call him anytime too, we've taken him up on it several times! I've felt kind of like a heal but he swears it's no problem at all.

Random thought: We have arnica gel or cream around (check natural food aisle in Coborn's or other grocery/natural food stores) , for little head bumps and "owies". You wouldn't put it on a bleeding wound like Matty had but it really does help to decrease inflammation and bruises- some cosmetic surgeons will have their patients use it after surgery. When things don't require band-aids, the boys love getting it on their ouches- helps them feel better mentally or something. And mom too. :)

elizabeth said...

Oh, my dear .. how scary that must have been! So glad you have friends like Chuck and Matt. I hope Matty feels better now. And you too.

One thing I keep around is Rescue Remedy. You can put a drop or two under your tongue to help in moments of stress or panic. I bought it for Atlas, but use it more for me. :) Well .. it's not easy to remember to take it in moments of panic (because, hello, you're panicking), but it is useful. :)

Julie said...

Ooo, Rescue Remedy! We have some of that, too, Elizabeth. Mostly for yours truly. :) We also have Calms by Hylands (works awesome), and Easy Now Traditional Medicinals tea. Double strength will scare away any nerves... and put me right to sleep. AND, I've heard Nerve Tonic is supposed to be fabulous. I love that they're quick, natural, mind calmer-downers (when you remember to take them!). :D

Okay. Sorry to bombard the comments with a sort of unrelated topic, Leanne, although kind of related because you can use any of those things if you're in an anxious situation. Can I blame my rambling on the time and Vicodin? Heehee.

Amanda Kay said...

That is so nice to have all of that love! Awesome for you to have someone to call and be there when you need if the husband is away! It warms MY heart!

Anonymous said...

Head wounds are the worst. They bleed so much, so fast. It's very scary!

I'm proud of you, knowing to whom to turn and getting help and support. You -and THEY- are lovely.