Sunday, December 20, 2009

The One

The Sunday before Christmas in 2002, Cory proposed.

We met in May 2002 and pretty much knew by the end of that summer that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  So, I was kind of waiting for the proposal.  There were two occasions prior to that Sunday that I was pretty sure he was going to do it.  I was wrong. 

My mother-in-law's family had planned an ornament exchange.  I think his cousin Scott (Shane?) had my name.  I had no indication there was anything going on, except I do remember noting that it was strange that everyone had their cameras out the entire time.  I just thought they made a really big deal out of ornament exchanges...seriously, each person holding up their ornament for photos, videotape...big ordeal.  When it was my turn, Cory had wrapped my ring inside a glass ball ornament.  It was wrapped in tissue, though, so when I pulled on the ornament string, the whole top popped off, so I pulled the ring right out.  Cory got down on one knee and well...that's the story.  I said yes. 

I love that it was unexpected.  I never would have imagined he'd propose in front of anyone else, so I was clueless.  And I wouldn't change it for anything.

(Heading out to show off my ring.)

A couple weeks ago, Jo wrote a lovely blog entry about her wedding and asked how we knew He was the one for us.  I told her I'd blog about it, but now that I'm doing it, I'm finding it hard to put into words.  All of it is so cliche and really was this:

I just knew.

I think Cory and I had had enough Wrong to recognize Right.  We were both worn out from really hard relationships, and there was just never anything hard about ours.  We communicated easily, connected instantly, and to this day, have nothing but the greatest respect for each other.  I can honestly say that I never had a moment's doubt prior to our wedding, or since.  I realize that this is the greatest of blessings.

I'm an idealist, not a realist, so I believe with all my heart, that we'll be together forever.  I do believe that God brought us together at exactly the right time...after all the heartache of previous relationships so that we never take for granted what we have together.

Also, when I said I was going to make a paper chain for the remaining 30 days until our wedding, he didn't laugh at me. 
He simply hung it up. 
That's love.

Oh, and a great Part II of this story.  Cole wasn't with us that day.  So the next time we were together, he was sitting on my lap (he was five) and we were putting up the Christmas tree (a tiny three-footer, as I recall it).  I told him that Dad had already given me my Christmas present and that I was wearing it. 

"That sweatshirt?!" he asked of my grubby garb. 

"Nope," I told him, "It's on my hand."

"Oh, that ring?!"

I told him that it meant that his dad and I were going to get married.

He pumped both fists in the air, "YES!  I'm gonna have TWO moms!"
(Bet he doesn't feel that strongly about that still today!)


I just knew.  I just know.


elizabeth said...

love it.

Julie said...

Aww, that's so heartwarming! What a beautiful love story. And the best part is, you still both show your love and respect so openly. It's awesome.

Loved the photos. :)

Krista said...

What a great story! I loved reading that. Thanks for sharing. :)

Cyndi said...

I never knew that's how he proposed! I love it! This entire entry is wonderful. :) Your love for one another is definitely obvious. I pray God continues to bless your marriage!

Thanks for sharing. :)

ethiopifinn said...

There is a card on the fridge as you were heading out to show off your ring, it reads "JOY". How sweet!

MindiJo said...

Ahh! What a sweet story. So happy for you.

Laura Jean said...

Awww, love you both. :)

Anonymous said...

leanne- that story made me cry!! wow, and many years have beautiful family!!
(those pictures remind me of picture taken at good ol' cityside collison! you are still so young and vibrant looking)
-katie l

Jo said...

Awww. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Gonna make me cry! :0)

Maggie said...

BTW, that last comment was me.. but I'm at work and I thought we had a call. Lol :0) Timing... everything in life is timing :0)

Amy said...

Just from reading your blog, I can tell that you and Cory have a wonderful relationship. It shines through you. :)