Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I win

This is for a contest on Mindi's blog.  I should at least get the prize for greatest effort.  (come on. purple hair.)

URHO is the boy for me!
Happy St. Urho's Day!

Since I proudly and thankfully won this great contest, I have to tell you the whole story. 

Yesterday, I woke up at normal time.  Forgot it was St. Urho's Day until I turned my computer on...sent my kids to school in absolutely no purple at all.  Went about my busy day.  I got an email and a text from Mindi and Peg regarding this fabulous contest.  So, because we like to roar our heads off about really stupid things, I decided to win the contest.

At 2:00 or so yesterday, I pulled out paper and paints.  I sat down in earnest to make my signs.  Jack asked, "Can I paint with you mom?" To which I responded, "Sure.  But don't mess my signs."  (Seriously?  I said that to my three year old?)  When Cory got home, I asked him to spray my hair purple.  Mid-spray, Cole gets home from school and asks what we're doing.  I said, "Duh!  It's St. Urho's Day!  Wanna be an honorary Finn?"  (He said sure, and got purple hair, too, but didn't enter the contest.  It's okay.  He wouldn't have won.) 
When I was ready for my photo shoot, Cory was busy.  I got really grumpy, because by this time, I was very invested in my project.  Grumpily, I asked him, "Do you want me to just have Cole do it?"  What I will say about the captain:  he is very supportive of my lunacy.

(We DID have pannekkuku for dinner and had a Finnish heritage lesson.  It wasn't a total loss.)

So...was it worth it?  Heck yeah.  Winner, winner, mojakka dinner.  If Mindi, Peg, and I aren't still up to these antics when we're 70, we'll have failed.  These two make me laugh til my cheeks hurt.
Proud Finn.


MindiJo said...

Purple hair IS good! A for effort. No doubt. And you are making it hard to pick...

MindiJo said...

I had to come back and laugh some more!

Trust me. I needed a laugh.

Leader of the Finns said...

Really Lenny.

Purple Hair.

Above and beyond the call of duty.

ethiopifinn said...

i think you are disqualified for...alright. crap. YOU WIN!

Krizzie said...

Funny and congrats!! Every year I teach the "finns", a term I can only use loosely here, about St. Urho's Day; it's more of a MN tradition than anywhere else. I first learned about it from a lady I worked with in Brooklyn Center and then an engineer I worked with in CO had a St. Urho's Day party every year. When people ask, why purple I understand they are ignorant of the usual color of grapes and tell 'em it's the color of royalty of course ;P