Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My poor tootsies.

My feet have had a rough two years. Here's the timeline:

July 2009 - initial numbness/pain in my right foot/toes.

Sept 2009 - visit with podiatrist, determine cause is Morton's Neuroma in third interspace on my right foot.

Nov 2009 - after several unsuccessful Cortizone shots, had neuroma excision (removal)

Dec 2009 - incision didn't close properly, so had it cleaned/resutured

March 2010 - after months of swelling/pain, determined there was infection in same interspace. Also had a neuroma on my left foot at that time. On the day of surgery, however, there was NO swelling. Surgeon decided to remove the neuroma on my left foot, but leave right foot alone.

May 2010 - swelling returned on right foot, so had right foot operated on again. Surgeon removed three types of fluids (clear, yellow, and puss-like matter), cleaned, and resutured.

Nov 2011 - after continual pain, surgeon determined I had another neuroma in my second interspace. Another neuroma excision

Mar 2011 - continued pain in right foot. Saw a new podiatrist who determined I had an excessive amount of scar tissue/bursitis in my right foot. Taped up my foot (photo) and schedule physical therapy. He's confident that in 4 - 6 weeks, I'll be pain free in my right foot. SAY IT'S SO!

He also explained to me why I got them in the first place. You know how women have bigger feet after babies (I was an 8 1/2, now I'm a 9 or a 9 1/2, depending on the shoe!)? Our feet actually stop growing at 12 - 13 years old. But the hormones that cause our ligaments to soften to prepare for childbirth aren't exclusive to our abdomen. So that, compounded with the extra weight of a pregnancy cause our feet to flatten/spread out. Then, because the mechanics of my feet changed, I was susceptible to neuromas. Huh. Facinating.

I'm really really hoping this is the end of the pain in that foot. I'll still have to focus on the other neuroma I have pestering me on my left foot, but hopefully my new treatment plan will improve that foot too! Here's to healthy feet!

Disclaimer: Not looking for sympathy. My problems are fairly benign, actually. BUT...I want to have record of this incident, and this is the best place to do that. And if it helps someone else, fantastic!


ethiopifinn said...

pain is not easy. and i love the info from the new doc!

pt. whodda thunk!
it is so!!!!

enjoy the weekend :)

Sue said...

I commented some time ago but I'll reintroduce myself...a friend of Shari and a sister to Kristy and Cindy who are married to your cousins Jeff and Brian.
I know too well what hormones do to other parts of the body as well. I just had my 6th shoulder surgery due to hormones loosening and causing shoulder dislocation. I originally broke and dislocated it as a child but never had problems with it until I became pregnant with my first baby. Crazy to think that pregnancy hormones are causing all of this!
Good luck with your feet, I hope your new treatment helps!

Krizzie said...

Here's to Happy Feet!! I hope this new doc has yoru feet under control!

elizabeth said...

That is fascinating.

Here's hoping your foot (feet) is finally pain free!

Anonymous said...

Annoying. Not your post. The whole process. Hope the latest doc is el correcto.