Sunday, February 2, 2014

Presenting my Children

Today in Mass, Father Terry's homily was poignant. He said, in short, that parents worry about their children.  They worry when they're young, and they worry when they're grown.  And it's never been more true.  I'm going through a challenging time.  My strength and my patience and my grace is being tried.  I'm like everyone, and I forget to give my challenges to God.  I get caught up in my sorrow and my anger and sometimes it consumes me.  But then, once in awhile, God speaks to me.  Today, Father said that when we come to church, we present our children to God.  It hit me in the heart.  So I did. I presented my children, and my family to God.  I asked him to bless us and to heal us and restore us.  I feel comforted.  Ye who are weary, come home.


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Prayers and love!