Monday, May 11, 2009

One more thing.

This totally cracked me up. My brother posted it on my facebook page. I love him.
Sharpies= $10
Ink cartridge to print signs= $30
Signs themselves= $50
Qdoba= $10
Fanny Pack= $10
Extra treats to keep the kids content= $25
Hair appt necessary from gray hair caused by stress= $125
Total revenues= $200
Net income= -$60
Garage sale play-by-play on facebook= Priceless


MindiJo said...

I missed this on FB. Cute. Love it.

sis amy said...


Julie said...

That's funny. And probably kind of true! :)

Laura Jean said...

Of course a GUY would come up with this! Yet, it is kinda

Elizabeth said...

ok, that was HILARIOUS. :)