Saturday, May 16, 2009

The little cedar that will.

I've been thinking a lot about energy and how all of us are an extension of the earth. My thoughts are too lengthy for this blog post, I think, but I loved Libby's post about light recently. I was reminded of it when I took this picture of Jack today. Can you see the light in his face?

Almost two years ago, this little seedling came up through the woodchips at my in-laws. His dad said we should take it home. It had a great little shape and I loved the thought of it starting at their home and living at ours. Kind of like Cory did. My mom took a seedling from her parents house when they retired to Michigan, and now it's one of the largest trees in her yard.

Anyway, we had to transplant it from its temporary spot in the backyard, and moved it here. The boys are helping to water it. They will help it grow, and as it does, I intend to chronicle their life with it.

They are in it and it is in them.


Amy said...

I like this.

It will be fun for you to watch them grow together! Though perhaps it will be good if the boys do not grow as tall as the tree, since they might then be Paul Bunyan size. ;)

I really think the native americans had it correct - how they saw and honored the spirit in everything. (Well, many other cultures and religions do as well ..)

Elizabeth said...

oops .. that wasn't Amy. that was me. this could be dangerous (for Amy, I mean). ;)

Laura Jean said...

Laura, the critic, the tree too close to the sidewalk?

I love the idea, and I love the picture! We kind of talked about planting a tree for Nik and Ellen. But the soil in Clearwater is horrible, and it's hard to keep them alive. Plus, we don't want to be here forever. But once we have a forever baby, maybe we'll do it- it'll just need a lot of love and tender care! :)

Leanne said...

Laura, my MIL thinks the same thing. We'll have to transplant it someday, maybe. :)

Julie said...

Cute picture! And I like what Elizabeth said about watching them grow together.

I love trees. I think it's awesome to have that sort of connection between generations. Some trees on my parents property have to be so old! You wonder what they've seen... who came before us and how different was life then?

Anonymous said...

From Beth:

Oh this made me sad! I have a story about a baby tree.....The summer Alison was born (2002) I got this tiny little seedling pine tree of some sort at Lunds for free on Earth day. We planted in the front yard of our old house the day before Alison was born and it was "Alison's tree" (growing up each of us kids a tree that was planted the year we were born) so when it came time to move (3 years later) we debated taking the tree with us and decided against it (one of the reasons being the guy who bought our house was crazy and we didn't want it to haunt us that there was a tree missing from the front yard). The next summer we drove by our old house and the "Alison's tree" was gone, replaced by a big oak tree. It was a tiny yard and I didn't see Alison's tree still makes me sad today to think of that tree. So take good care of your tree. We have since planted a new one which we take a picture of the kids in front of every year on the first day of school....