Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm a sucker for pajamas.  Clean, warm children snuggled up in jammies.  But no one does them like Gymboree.  I love their Gymmies.  Our Christmas tradition is that from us, the boys get a pair of jammies and a book from us.  This year, the little ones are getting this pair and this pair.  Gymmies plus firetrucks.  Can't beat it!


MindiJo said...

Ahh! Perfect! I love kids in their jammies, too. They are too stinkin' cute.

Amy M said...

My mom and dad used to buy all the grandkids pjs for Christmas. This year she decided not to- so I have decided that we will and make it a tradition. They open them up on Christmas Eve and wake up with new cute jammies for Christmas morning.