Monday, November 16, 2009


Retinal Perspectives encouraged me to do this today.  It's a good day for me to dig deep and find happiness around me.  Closing eyes now...sigh...thinking...

My children playing together; my husband playing with my children
Elderly couples holding hands
My children learning; their eyes full of excitement and wonder

Banana bread
The boys just out of a bath
Windows open on a beautiful day
Sauteeing onions

My husband's strong arms around me
My boys' arms around my neck
The strength of my legs when I run
The warmth of my electric blanket

Children laughing
The voices of humanity
The white noise of a fan
"I'll love you forever."
Songs of praise

An icy cold fountain soda
The salty goodness of triscuits
Chocolate and peanut butter. In any combination.
My husband's kiss


MindiJo said...

Oooh. Me like this. I might have to do it. Not today, though. My mind is so full right now, I'd be too distracted to think.

ethiopifinn said...

beautiful, leanne.

Amy M said...

I LOVE fountain soda!! Especially when I was pregnant.

elizabeth said...

This. Is perfect. I'm so glad you joined in. There's something about reading everyone's list that makes you feel like you know them and love them even a little bit more than you did before.