Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love you, need them.

Dear Readers:

I am too busy to blog.  I love you, but I need my clients.  Plus I love them, too. 

I'll be back after vacation, right around the Fourth of July.  I hope the days are as sunny and warm where you are today as it is here.  Sending love.

Edited to add:  This was my 400th blog post.  I was going to do a big giveaway, but now I'm saving it for my two-year anniversary. In case you count my blog posts and were wondering.  Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Tech. it's good your too busy to blog then!!! We'll be here waiting :0


ethiopifinn said...

um, pardon me, but that is two weeks.
just sayin.
hope business stays sweet!
and happy vaca' :)

Diane Lindquist said...

Yay! I'm thrilled you're busy! You go, girl!