Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thoughtful Boy!

I told you before, that Matthew is our thinker.

And today, my heart could hardly handle it when we had this conversation:

We were in the car, listening to music and the song had the lyrics, "I have Jesus in my heart."

Matthew: "Mom, when I go to Heaven with Jesus, will I live in your heart?"

Yes, my dear son, you will. Now stop talking like that. You're making your momma weepy.

Katie is our church's youth director.  She's amazing.  She knows all of the kids' names and has tons of energy and really good lessons for them.  Awhile ago, as part of her Kids' Time lesson, she was telling the children that when they get upset, they should take a deep breath and then say to themselves, "God is with me." 

He took a pretty big digger on Sunday.  We cleaned and bandaged up his wound, but he couldn't calm down.  I was holding him on my lap and asking him to take deep breaths.  He found the will to do so, but imagine my suprise (and joy!) when after a couple deep breaths, he said, quietly..."God is with me." 

Always, Matthew.  He is always with you.

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Anonymous said...

Tear in the eye.
Laura Niemela