Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Son.

Happy birthday to my sweet boy, Matthew.  From birth, we called him Matty.  But as long as he could speak, if you asked him his name, he will tell you, "Matthew."  By definition, however, his name is "Beloved."  And that he is.

He was an adorable baby, and precious toddler, and a curious and thoughtful young boy.  He's a thinker. He has an incredible memory, and asks really hard questions:

Mom?  When will I go to Heaven?  I really want to see it.  Will you come with me?
Mom?  Will I be buried in that cemetary?
Mom?  But what does God look like? 

If you watch him think, you can quite literally hear the wheels turning.  He gets lost in thought and I love to hear what comes out of his mouth.  The other day he asked again if he could marry me.  Then he asked if I'd always live in this house.  When I told him I surely would, he looked at me as if he'd caught me in a lie.  Pointing to the sky, he said, " you won't, because remember...?"  Yes, son.  Eternally, I'll live in Heaven. 

I am so incredibly blessed to have such a soul as his in my charge.  God help me answer his questions carefully, thoughtful, and with the respect he's due.  Amen.

Happy fifth birthday, my son.  I am so deeply grateful for you.


Julie said...

Happy birthday to Matty! He's such a beautiful boy.

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to Matty!

MindiJo said...

Happy birthday to him!! He looks so much like Cory. It was neat to look at the pictures from each year.