Saturday, May 29, 2010


Yesterday, I had the wound from my neuroma surgery drained.  Today, Cory had plans to go to a Twins game with some of the Plymouth firefighters.  So, my sister in law agreed to help me with the kids while he was gone (but then sent me a text that my in-laws had stopped by her house and were taking them home with them to have dinner...I have the BEST family!).

Cory met the other guys at Matt's house for the game.  Another firefighter, Chuck, left me a voicemail a couple hours ago:  Hi, Leanne, it's Chuck.  Hey, just saw your husband over at Matt's house and heard you had surgery.  Just wanted to let you know that I'm around all day as duty officer, and if you need anything at all, just call.


When I called Chuck back, I was saying to him that I really want to take the boys to Ft. Snelling on Monday.  All of Cory's grandparents are buried there, and the rugrats are at a great age to start talking to them about honor and sacrifice and patriotism.  I told Chuck that if I rest for a couple days, I should be up to taking them there!  We started talking about what an amazing place Ft. Snelling is and it's good to go pay our respects (Chuck also served in the military: God bless him.).

We started talking about community.  How years ago, everyone needed their neighbors.  I feel like we've become isolationists in so many ways, and in days prior, people leaned on their communities more.  And I realized, in that moment, that I am so in love with my firefighter family for that reason.  In it, Community is very much alive.  As evidenced by a phone call from a "family member" saying, "Hey, I heard you're laid up, let me know if you need me."  You know, like the olden days.

Someday, when the rugrats are men, and they call the wife of a friend who is laid-up and offer their help, I will know that I did my job. May my boys learn the value of Community at a young age and always remember that a man is more valuable when he doesn't stand alone.

And on Memorial Day weekend, a time we set aside to honor men and women who truly understood this concept, I say a prayer that my boys remember, respect, and maintain strong community always.  Amen.


Julie said...

Amen! What a beautiful post and tribute to Memorial Day and community. Thanks for reminding us of its importance. Your firefighter family is such a blessing!

ethiopifinn said...

And my thanks to you and the rest of "Us" for the card and the gift inside. We had Chili's for lunch today. I like how you expand your community. In fact, I love it :)