Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hockey Mom

I grew up in a hockey family.  My dad played Old Bucks on Friday nights.  My brothers played in high school.  I watched more Zion (Illinois) ZeeBee's hockey games my sophomore year than my own high school team.  I'm loud in the stands -- so loud, in fact, that my dad stopped sitting by me in or around 1993.  Last year, my mom bought me an LDC hockey sweatshirt for my birthday.  My first one ever.  I love it, even though it has my maiden name on it, which was a happy accident on her part, since I've primarily let my maiden name go (another post for another day...).

I needed to blog about what just happened to me.  It's significant.  Huge.  I became a Hockey Mom.  When Cory and I were dating, I told him I wanted six boys.  A hockey team.  It was a running joke for a long time among those who know us.  We have three boys, and the middle one is now starting his hockey career.

It's time consuming.

It's expensive.  (my estimate, if he plays traveling teams -- by the time he starts high school hockey, we'll have spent between $5,000 on registration fees alone, not including gear or the actual travel expenses.  And that's just one kid. If Jack plays, we're going to have to sell our cars and refinance our home. Oy.)

But it's WICKED FUN.

Seriously, watching my little boy on the ice this weekend, my eyes just teared up.  He's decent on skates, but there's no way to know what his ability will be.  So long as he enjoys playing, I'll spend the time and the money.  There is no comparison to sitting on those bleachers, watching my boy handle a stick for the first time.  I can't even imagine how it's going to feel when he plays a game. 

I am a Hockey Mom.  An answered prayer, one I had completely forgotten about.  Gratitude.

(Now I just gotta figure out a system to air out hockey gear.  Ick.)


MindiJo said...

Awesome, Leanne! I have no doubt you will be even louder. Joe won't dare show to even show up to the games.

Chrissy said...

I think Steve and Ryno lie theirs out nicely on the floor in their bedrooms. That way it dries out nicely over night. I think it helps to have the grate to the dining room open to allow for air flow.

Andy said...

Ha! I had no idea you'd written this when you tweeted last night--and my three thoughts were 1.) expensive, 2.) space, and 3.) WOW THAT STUFF STINKS. A friend of mine in college stored his gear in his Honda Civic. I doubt that thing could be resold for the smell. :)

Congratulations, Hockey Mom.

Laura Jean said...

I have proof that Dad sat next to you...was it last year or the year before? Either way, I think he's come around to your cheering. And mine. I think last time I out-cheered you for sure.

Gross, Chrissy.

Does he have game games? I would love to watch Matty tearing up the ice! :)

Julie said...

Those picture of Matty are so cute. How fun- you're into a new stage of life! The cost is a deterrent for some but I like how you said that if he loves it, you'll make it work. A happy investment. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you've taken it upon yourself to immerse yourself in hockey life. 'Cause it takes A LOT of it. :) BUT, as a former hockey player, I can tell you that there is nothing so great as an awesome "hockey mom". They were the glue that held our teams together from Day 1, and I'll be forever grateful towards them for the memories and dedication they put into their child's passion.
Oh, and for your sake, I SO hope Matty doesn't do what most boy hockey players seem to, which is keep one 'lucky' article of clothing (or pair of socks) unwashed for one complete season. SO NASTY. If you think hockey stinks *now*, just wait!! ;)
Have fun, "new hockey mom"!!!
And good luck, Matty. Hope you have fun, too!

Anonymous said...

Lee, I am so happy you are finally a hocket mom! Welcome to the club! The smell does not get any better! :) I can hear you cheering now :) Just be thankful you do not live here, Davey is 9 and we paid over $2000 in fess this year(not including the equipment, travel and tournments). I can say it is worth every penny. Enjoy being a hockey mom.

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you enjoy hockey. I am not sure how I am going to fare as a Hockey Mom myself but I do love being a Hockey Wife. I think being the Mom might be a tad more stressful. I am all ready panicked because Ben is gone deer hunting for 2 of Olli's "tryouts" and he has ZERO faith that I will tie his skates properly. I am considering having my dad come and assist. I love your blog.
Laura Niemela

elizabeth said...

I remember watching Joe when he played hockey. Little kids playing hockey is the best thing ever.