Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last night, I was reading in bed around midnight when Jack came downstairs. He was still wearing part of his ninja costume (because that's how he rolls).

"Mom, can I sweep wif you?" Of course, I can't resist a three year old ninja, so I let him climb on up.

As I stroked his sweet, soft cheek, I said, "Jack, you're my favorite ninja."

"I'll be a ninja so I can take care of you, Mom."

"And I'll be a mom so I can take care of you, Jack."

And he smiled a sleepy smile and replied, "Deal."

And so, I snoozed with a ninja.


Julie L. said...

I love three year olds. They make a mommas heart happy like no other age can.

Laura Jean said...

:) He makes me smile. :)

Julie said...

<3 Precious. So precious.