Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pages Update

I must update this before I forget what books I've been reading!

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Wonderful books. Absolutely riveting. Early on someone said that there were parallels between Panem and America. And I have to admit, shamefully, that I see it. I even saw myself in the Capitol. As horrible as the storyline was, it really made me think about our world today and its excesses, while so many in the world struggle. Facinating stuff.

The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

As I've said before I really love historical fiction, particularly from this time period. But neither the White Queen nor this one captivated me like I would have liked. I think its because I don't hear the old English dialect in her writing. When I read Alison Weir, for example, I find myself talking and thinking in that dialect...it's so catchy and wonderful. A good read, but not great.

The Forgotten Garden and The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

The House at Riverton was good but The Forgotten Garden was magical. I absolutely loved this book. I love a book that I can't wait to lie down at night to dig into. This was one of those!

As always, looking for more recommendations!


elizabeth said...

I read The Red Queen on Sunday night. It was good. (She was a very fascinating character.) Then I requested The White Queen only to realize that I already read it. Ah well.

I'll tell you what I'm currently reading but I don't know if there's anything in here to strongly recommend:
- a couple of books on intuition by Laura Day (you'd have to be pretty open to reading about the seemingly wacky though they're pretty fun reads)
- book 3 of a 6-book series by Jane Lindskold about a girl who was raised by wolves (good if you love fantasy)
- Shop Class as Soulcraft (this is definitely thought-provoking but possibly not the easiest read due to writing style)
- Pretty Women by Collete Downing (also thought-provoking even now but this is the third book I've read of hers and they really all have the same message at heart)

And now I have How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable and Cleopatra (which I am hoping is another good historical fiction, hadn't heard of it until I saw it on the shelf today and grabbed it).


elizabeth said...

Clearly I have a very non-monogamous relationship with books, LOL.

elizabeth said...

Oh! I would recommend The Tao of Pooh. If you've read Wayne Dyer and liked him, I suspect you'd enjoy it. The essence seems similar.

Leslie said...

Just finished "2-Part Invention, A Marriage" It's autobiographical by Madeline L'Engle. I love her conversations about faith. It's the first book in a while that made me reach for a notebook to write down quotes I want to remember for someday later.