Sunday, July 3, 2011

Enger Tower

I cannot believe that in all the years I've visited Duluth, I never made it to Enger Tower.  I will likely never visit Duluth and not take the drive up there again.  It's beautiful, wonderful, magical.  This is the dedication to the tower.  Politically, I adore it.  We should celebrate our diversity on Independence Day and always!

Bert J. Enger
1964 - 1931

From common laborer to merchant prince, he demonstated in his own life that America is a land of opportunity for the immigrant, and that her civilization is enriched by his citizenship.

During his lifetime, by a very generous gift, he enabled the City of Duluth to acquire and develop the land adjacent to this tower as a park, children's playground, and golf course for the enjoyment of future generations, and at his death bequeathed two-thirds of his estate to the people of Duluth.  Hereabout, in his lifetime, he spent leisure hours in admiration of the panorama of Duluth and its environs, which you may see from this tower. 

In recognition of his devotion and benevolence, the people of Duluth elected him to their Hall of Fame, and will always cherish his memory.

Dedicated June 15, 1931,
By Olav, Crown Prince of Norway


Julie said...

I'll have to make the drive too. It looks so neat!

MindiJo said...

Interesting. Will have to check that out some day. Now that you gave us an informational post and a great parenting post, you know you need to "dumb down" your blog with something silly, don't you? ;)

And then right after I said that, I misspelled the word verif. Heh. Maybe you just need me to dumb it down.

elizabeth said...

I remember visiting it years ago, but I do not remember reading the dedication. :)

Joanie said...

Love Enger Tower, never a visit to my second Minnesota home without going there. The boys really like the gong! :)So happy you discovered it.