Monday, July 11, 2011

Where there's a Will

Holy sweet mother.  That totally sucked.  But we now have legal, notarized last will and testament (and health care directives) for both of us.

We were fortunate enough to have been able to participate in the Wills for Heroes program. The attorney we worked with said that a will is most important for parents of minor children.  Us.  YOU?

But then, you have to think about who would raise your children were you no longer here.  ACK.  Torture!  NO ONE would raise them as well, love them as deeply as I do.  But I'm surrounded with lovely people in my life.  So I say to my executor, "You're going to have to do this for me.  Because what if I choose "Sam and Sally," But they're breeding rottweilers at the time of our death and have no spare room?  What if I choose, "Charlie and Charlene," but they're about to embark on a two-year Safari?  What if I choose Mark and Mary but they suddenly decide they're REPUBLICANS?!  (teehee)"  No one knows these circumstances. might be on the list.  (Don't worry...they're cute rugrats.)

Then the attorney gives me a list to write down my personal property and who I would like it to go to (who wants the captain's Dodge Stratus?!).  But I realize I have no valuable personal property.  Except my wedding ring.  THAT, my friends, is valuable.  Well, kind of. Sentimentally. 

But then I have to consider it.  I don't have a daughter, so to whom would it go?  The boys?  How about whoever gets married first is welcome to give it to his fiancée. If he doesn't want it, the next to be married can use it, or the third.  If no one wants it, screw 'em. 


When we were engaged, Cory's 1974 Camaro got stolen from his parking garage.  He was devastated.  So sad.  He loved that car.  (I'm exaggerating.  He had actually tried to sell it shortly before it was lifted.)  With the insurance money (LUCKY!), he was able to buy me my ring.  Every year, on our anniversary, I'm obligated to give it a little "vroom, vroom." 

So...Cory suggests the boys sell my ring and buy a retro Camaro.  Say WHAAA?  The only way I'll agree to that is if the boys buy it jointly and use it for weekend car time.  I wrote that in the will; don't try to mess with me.

At any rate, don't bury me with it.  That's a waste.

So that's settled.  One day of alternating weeping and planning. 
All for a document I will NEVER NEED. 



Julie said...

Good for you for taking care of that un-fun document. It had to have been hard. We have to do one one this year. Have to. :( Funny that you wrote the stipulation about the car/brother time. So cute.

elizabeth said...

Kudos to you for getting that done. It sounds hard. I started one ages ago (much less difficult, I know who I'd send Atlas to, though I haven't actually told them, LOL) but never finished it, and one of my neighbors - who is a lawyer - told me that self-written wills aren't legal in OR so now I've given it up altogether.

p.s. Pretending I'm your child, I vote that I go to the people who are going on safari. ;)

MindiJo said...

Oh, yuck. I had that done back in NM. I'm pretty sure it is still legal. I have to double check.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome you did that! We need to do that as well. And great you wanted to pass on the ring...but what to do, to do. I have my special Grandma's wedding ring (that she willed to my mom) and her ruby ring, that she willed to me and I treasure them daily. I wear them both and think of her every day--so glad thought to pass them on as well :)

Megan said...

It's something we need to do as well, but my heart leaps into my throat and sticks there, and I get teary eyed just thinking about it... we should just do it and get it over with... kudos to you guys for doing it!

Leslie G. said...

very fun portrayal of this milestone. We also accomplished it a few years back and it does feel good to have it done. My funny is, as a health care provider..."keep my comfortable..." is not sufficient. My instructions on my health care directive are, "make sure I get full-body lotion EVERY day so I don't itch and if I do itch...someone gives me a back scratch - every day." some things cannot be left to chance, including who will raise our children if we are called before they are adults. Amen.