Friday, October 14, 2011

Be Kind Winner!

CamelBak Water Bottle
(I was going to choose Ellen underwear,
but there ain't nothing worse than ill-fitting underwear!)

After a very sophisticated selection ("Pick a number, Captain!"), Mindi is my Be Kind to One Another giveaway winner! 

I loved all of my entries.  My friends paid for others' groceries, and gas.  They paid compliments, and they sent random gifts.  I am so proud of my friend base.  I have succeeded in surrounding myself with really great people and I hope this contest carries on into your lives on a daily basis.  I know others' are blessed by you the way I am!

I am frequently inspired by this story Mindi told awhile ago, and she is a kind and deserving winner.  You all are.  If I was rich, I'd have bought you all something!

Thanks for participating.  Be kind to one another!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for me!!! This made my day!! Thank you! Muah!