Monday, August 20, 2012

Babygirl: Pre-Delivery

I am now two days away from delivering my baby girl into this world.  It's a crazy, emotional place to be after a crazy and emotional process.  I was telling Cory last night that as real as she is to me -- I can feel her limbs! -- its still all surreal somehow. 

Her life hasn't begun.  She hasn't seen me; and I haven't seen her, as well as we know each other.  She hasn't taken a single breath of air, even though she's practicing like crazy in utero.  She's squirmy and squished, but doesn't know happiness or otherwise.  But in that moment, when they hand her to us, when she breathes, or cries, or wails...that's the moment I most look forward to.  In that second, it's all worth it.  The angels hand her over with their best wishes for a lifetime of love and family.  It's all pretty spectacular.

I won't miss these numb hands.  I won't miss my swollen feet.  I won't miss the heartburn, and the fatigue, and the lack of patience.  I will love to have my body back to myself, sleep on my stomach and walk without waddling. 

I am thankful for my friend Jill, who has lovingly supplied me with this product.  I have taken almost daily baths in these soaking salts the entire pregnancy. 

I am thankful for the captain, who has lovingly massaged my tired legs and my low back.  Who is an amazing father, and an even better husband.  For all the times he cleaned up so I didn't have to and took care of the rugrats and gave me a break.  Nothing would be as good without wonderfully (and undeservedly) blessed I've been.

So now, 48 hours before her birth, I count my blessings.  And ask for your love and prayers as I take a step into the next chapter of my life's journey. 


ethiopifinn said...

Oh Leanne! You are just so lovely. I'm totally choked up by your words and sentiments.
I'm praying for a healthy baby, a healthy mama, and a safe delivery.

MindiJo said...

And Clara is here now. I love her already. Hope everything is going well. Can't believe I missed this post until now.

Sue said...

Best wishes for a life that is sure to include tea parties, dress up, shopping, and lots of giggles.

BTW, she shares the same birthday as my 2 yr. Gavin.
(friend of Mindi, your sister Shari, sister to Kristy and Cindy that are married to your cousins Jeff and Brian. I don't comment often, but always feel like I have to explain who I am over, Sorry!)

Julie said...

This was beautiful. I know I might have to wait a bit for it but I can't wait for your post-baby post. Clara is perfect.