Sunday, August 12, 2012

Election 2012: Paul Ryan

Is the only way to measure success the bottom line?

You will never hear me say that the budget doesn't matter.  That we don't have to be careful in our spending.  That we can keep increasing debt with no consequence.  I do not idealogically believe that.

But a nation cannot be run like a corporation.  We don't measure success only by whether or not we have debt.  What good is a balanced budget if are sick?  If our children are not properly educated?  If our streets and infrastructure is in serious disrepair?  What good is a balanced military budget if our soldiers are not cared for when they get home?  How will we continue to recruit men and women to serve us?  How will we compete globally with children who cannot get a world-class education? 

The Tea Party movement in this country is led on the idea that government spending is out of control, and I'm not going to outright disagree.  But we have to be careful where we make cuts.

This past spring, Paul Ryan proposed a dramatic budget plan which he calls the Plan to Prosperity.  It balances the 2040.  It includes very dramatic cuts to many social programs, including Medicare.  It suggests that we should eliminate or drastically reduce funding for federal programs like pell grants, the department of education, veterans benefits, the FDA, FAA, and FBI.  I wonder if people can imagine what our world without those would look like?  Or is the hesitation just me?

Additionally, the Ryan Budget proposes eliminating Medicare and giving seniors a voucher to purchase private insurance.  I cannot imagine the nightmare of this situation.  We must care for our elderly, especially since they've been contributing to this program for all of their working life.

Luckily for the wealthy, the Path to Prosperity continues to provide large tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.  So that's good.  *eyeroll*

So, as we enter this election season officially, I encourage you to really get to know Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan will stand out because BELIEVES in his plan, and there is something to be said for conviction.  (Romney, on the other hand, has little.  He has had many positions on many issues over the years and will happily point you to some of them if you're interested.)

For Shannon.  Man, he's hot.

So I'll happily discuss whether or not he's handsome.  What kind of hair product he uses, or if there are shirtless photos of him somewhere on the world wide web.  But I'll also ask you understand his positions.  There is alot at stake here, and we're all smart enough to know that substance matters.  And that the bottom line really might not be the only way to measure success.

Oh.  And a gift for you:  the link to the Ryan budget.  Enjoy.


ethiopifinn said...

Eew. Not hot. ;)

MindiJo said...

What a flattering picture to choose!

As usual, there are many things that we disagree on. I must tell you, though, that this is very well written. I may even nodded in agreement at one point. And then raised my eyebrows in careful consideration at another. I get it. I understand what you are saying. I do.

But, as usual, I am going to say that budgeting isn't fun. I hate when I have to realize that I have to let that old pair of boots last for yet another season. It hurts to say no. It just has to be done from time to time. And that is precisely why I wouldn't want to be taking over the presidency at this point. Ish. The budget is a mess.

Anonymous said...

especially hard when someone is counting on the sale of those boots for their livelyhood. It still doesn't make it right to spend the money just to make the way easier for them. There is a fine line here. People work hard for their money and even harder to keep it.

Barb said...

I just heard about a woman who was singing praises to Obama for the student medical assistance her son received. He could NOT have graduated STANFORD without it. I helped pay for that. Your welcome! And this, while I forego a medical procedure I should have. Hmm.
And I know of someone who gets free food and housing from the government and have to listen to her appalled attitude when the part of the stipulation is that she mow her grass. How dare they. Cut government spending.