Saturday, August 25, 2012


Our babygirl is safely here.  We are smitten.  We're just home today and there will be much to share in the coming days, but in the interest in keeping a timely announcement in this place, I wanted to post at least a couple photos.

Clara Beth
9 lb 13 oz
21 perfect inches long
(she feels tiny, by the way. don't let her birth size fool you.)

We have much to learn about her, but so far I can tell you that she's sweet and snuggly and spirited.  Thankfully, she is very easy to calm because she will not hesitate to tell you how she's feeling.  I feel calm and prepared and am insanely thankful to God above who gave her to us.  We're happy to be home and starting the rest of our lives with Clara.



SewSara said...

Leanne - I felt the same way when simon was born (9 lbs 4 oz) - he still seemed tiny to me!! :)

I'm so happy for you! Clara is perfect. I"m sure you're enjoying her to the fullest!!

Brita said...

Love this post. Congrats, Mom.

emily said...

She's so beautiful Leanne! I love the photo of her and her brothers. I'm so happy foot you and your family!

emily said...

for* :)

Krizzie said...

Congrats Lea, your baby girl has 3 handsome brothers to help you watch over her.

Julie said...

Many happy congrats! Welcome, Clara!

MindiJo said...

Welcome to the world, Clara! Look at the love you are surrounded by! Lucky girl.