Monday, March 29, 2010

Freedoms I Enjoy

I'm responding to a comment on a different blog.  Believe it or not, I've been biting my tongue for the past couple weeks. But this is a point I feel very strongly is worth making:  I, as an American citizen, am enjoying an enormous amount of freedoms.  Here is my short list:

1.  I get to worship where I choose.  Whenever I choose to.  So does my neighbor.
2.  I can go out in my neighborhood without the fear of being injured.
3.  I can send my children to school, so they can receive an education.
4.  I can choose to teach my children from home, if I choose to.
5.  I can have my own money.
6.  I can own my own property.
7.  My equal rights as a woman are protected and I can work as hard or as little as I choose.
8.  I can read and write whatever I want. 
9.  I can have as many or as few children as I choose.
10. I can express my opinions out loud, without fear of repercussion.

Additionally, I benefit from these government (socialist) programs on a daily basis:

1.  The FDIC: protects my money.
2.  The FDA: makes sure that medicines are safe for my use.
3.  Public Schools: my children get to go to school.
4.  Public Safety: My streets are safe thanks to the police officers and firefighters that protect me.
5.  Public Works: I can get from here to almost anywhere in the Twin Cities in less than half an hour, thanks to both national, state, and local public works departments.
6.  Public Recreation: My children can play T-Ball and take the Red Cross Babysitting course through our local communities.
7. OSHA, etc: My husband stays safe on the job due to state and federal safety standards. 
8. Department of Transporation: Safe traveling across the country, thanks to signs, traffic lights, bridges, crosswalks, etc.
9. Public Libraries: I get to check out books at my local library.
10. The Military and Dept of Homeland Security: No explanation necessary.

I challenge you to add to my list!


Cory said...

I like it! Good list and God bless the USA!!!

ethiopifinn said...


I can marry the man of my choice.

Not perfect said...

Don't tell Leanne she had a choice in who she married.

Laura Jean said...

Great post. :)

elizabeth said...

Hey now, Cory .. she did have a choice and she picked you! Clearly you are fabulous. Unless you used mind control, in which case, I could use some tips. Naturally, I'd only use my power for good. ;)

Good list, Leanne. The things I can think to add are ones that I am not benefitting from yet so I'll leave them out.

MindiJo said...

Great post. That is true, the government does provide some wonderful things for us.

I missed the whole health care thing not having the internet. I'll bet you are one happy chica!