Tuesday, March 23, 2010


(I am going to comment on the passed health care reform bill.  But not yet.  I gotta let some of it die down and process my response to it all.  There is a lot to comment on.  And since this blog is, in addition to my random public thoughts, a record of my life that I'll have forever, I want to get it right.)

It's officially Spring here.  These photos prove it.  And if you need further proof, you can call me or stop over and listen to me sneeze and sneeze.  My sinuses are already upset.)

That puffy stuff is that tree budding.  He's an early riser.


Julie said...

Oh, Spring IS starting! And, I see your tagged posts now. Fun for me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lenny!

Leanne said...

HANNA! I love you. You little stinker...are you always around here? Please join facebook. XOXO

Amy said...

Happy spring! :)

Amy I. said...

I love the spring pictures!