Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nate's Barber Shop

We have this great neighborhood barber shop.  Nate said I could take a few photos when I brought the boys there yesterday.  (Yes.  I bring my camera almost everwhere.)

The old barber shop pole.

And the new barber shop pole:  wi fi

The new barbershop:  Matty playing Xbox.


Julie said...

Love the glimpse into your everyday life with the barber shop and library. :) Ethan and Andrew went to a "real barber shop" last year- it was the highlight of Ethan's week.

Leanne said...

Julie - I've been trying to capture it on film. What fun! I really need to take some classes, though. I see the images in my head; I just don't know how to get them in my lens!

Julie said...

I know what you mean- mine don't always turn out how I'd hoped. I positively (enviously) drool over some photo blogs but I realize that part of it is equipment. My lenses are basic and can not do what others can.

You do a fantastic job setting up photos- it was so fun looking through your unique and gorgeous shots of the early spring photos on FB. I also loved the pictures (angles and such) of the library chairs, the boys and the barber shop outing. Very cool. You do have an eye. That's half of the battle, you know. :)

Leanne said...

Thank you, my dear. When I had my regular (non-SLR) cameras, I couldn't do even a small percentage of what I can do with my new camera. It makes me very happy!

And I know what you mean about photo blogs. I want photos that make me gasp!

Andy said...

Am I the first to mention that he's one good-looking barber?

I figured all four other comments would be to that effect.

I'm sorry. I'm objectifying your barber.

Awesome pictures, Leanne. I'm glad you bring your camera everywhere.