Monday, August 9, 2010

Questions with Answers

What's the longest you've gone without sleep?
Once, after detasseling ended for the summer, Sonja and I had an all-nighter. Wait. It wasn't over for everyone. Because we stayed up at Kastamo's and then we woke Eric and Davin up for detasseling in the morning then we hit the hay.  That was the only time I stayed up all night. 

I love sleep. When I'm tired, I want to lie down. In a bed. Preferably my own

What's your favorite tree?
I love trees. They withstand everything, without complaining.  Aside from a few diseases, nothing hurts them. They shed their weak branches in the wind, but their strength is beautiful.  They are one of God's creations that always give me pause.

What do you order when you eat Chinese food?
I love fried rice.  Our local delivery place used to have the best garlic chicken, with huge vegetables, but its not as good now that they have new owners.  Leeann Chin's bourbon chicken is good too!

What's your least favorite word?
Can I use a phrase (of course I can, it's my list)?   I cannot stand "it's all good."  I dated a guy once who overused it, and I can't tolerate it anymore.

Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?
Both.  I am vocabularily challenged.  (Heh. See?)  Thank you, Google, for giving me an ounce of credibility.

What's your favorite knock-knock joke?
Who's there?
Interrupting Cow?
Interrupting C...

If you could go to Disney World with any celebrity alive today, who would it be?
President Obama. Although I'd just as soon a cup of tea at the White House.  (If he doesn't count as a celebrity, I'll pick Sandra Bullock.)

What's your favorite breakfast food?
I love breakfast.   Many mornings, I eat an egg sandwich, aka Egg Cokato.  One egg with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese with bacon on an english muffin.  YUM.

Have a good week!


MindiJo said...

I hate knock knock jokes. Especially that one. It's all good, though.

Tee hee.

elizabeth said...

I should use the dictionary more. To figure out pronunciation. Apparently I mis-pronounce words all the time but only Amy and Helen call me on it (usually by laughing). I do use it occasionally when I am about to use a word - and wonder if it really means what I think it means. I've never been wrong .. but I still like to check. ;)

Fried rice - yes.

Love trees too. My favorite tree is the maple (because it changes color, of course), but I also love weeping willows. Oh, and birch trees, because of the bark.

Love sleep too. I remember so many all-nighters when I was younger. Now I have no idea how I did it. Even 2+ late nights do me in.

Bonnie said...

Nice questions and answers Leanne!

Diane Lindquist said...

Loved the interrupting cow joke; tried it on my husband and had to do it twice before he got it. Hmmm, he must be working too hard ...!