Friday, December 31, 2010


This year, I:

Spent a little time in the hospital with Matthew.
Had three minor foot surgeries.
Grew closer to Cole.
Spent a week-long vacation with my inlaws.
Organized the first annual camping trip with my family.
Took a bazillion pictures.
Saw my husband receive a much-deserved promotion.
Made new friends.
Put myself out there.
Read a ton of books.
Watched a good friend a fabulous sister become parents.
Fell in love with Hawaii Five-O.
Supported health care legislation.
Sent Matthew to kindergarten.
Sent Jack to preschool.
Kissed my children.
Reconnected with friends.

Next year, I hope to:

Read more books.
Watch the economy improve.
Pursue financial freedom.
Kiss my children.
Take a bazillion pictures.
Be confident.
Be happy.
Be happy.
Be happy.

Thank you for following me another year.  I wish you health, peace, and prosperity in the coming year.  I hope your faith helps you achieve your goals, as it always helps me pursue mine.  God can do magnificent things, and above all, I hope I remember that.

God bless you...Happy New Year!


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Andy said...

Happy New Year, friend. Thank you for putting yourself out there. You are my hero.

Julie said...

Happy New Year, woman! Wow- you had an incredible year. Hope that you find much to smile about in 2011. :) xoxo