Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The longest season...

To say that I am not a fan of winter would be a gross understatement.  In October, when it cools off here, I start to feel anxious and panicky about winter.  It feels like such a long time until Spring, and the best description is that I feel claustrophobic. 

Getting his gear on is a pain, but his adorableness is worth it!

I can get through the holidays because there's so much fun thrown in.  And January is a month we simply have to 'get through.'  Then February is a short month and we pack some fun stuff in there as well.  By March, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Mostly, I just 'survive' winter.  Someday we'll move south.

My husband is hot.  (Literally and figuratively in this photo.)

But once in awhile, a day like today comes along.  It's sunny, and warm (30 degrees) and beautiful.  I open my kitchen window a crack and breathe in the outside air.  I go outside without the cold biting my lungs and freezing my nosehairs.  I actually enjoy the day.  It refreshes my spirits and I am grateful for it.

A path from the front door through the new tunnel.

A facebook friend just said he heard on the news that February and March are going to be among the coldest and snowiest on record.  I'll get through it, if God gives me breather days similar to the one we had today.

My husband's handiwork.

In other things to be grateful for, the photos are of a tunnel Cory built for the kids.  He so totally rocks.


RooGirlie said...

Claustrophobic is the *perfect word, Leanne. I'm hoping we do get a few (is many too much to ask for?) breather days. :)

elizabeth said...

That tunnel is awesome.

I remember the best snow fort we ever built. Half of it was like a cave. Half of it was like an igloo. You entered it by sliding through a tunnel. It was the best fort ever. There are some benefits to having snow piles taller than your head.

I wish you lots of breather days this winter.

elizabeth said...

Wait. An igloo and a cave are both covered. I meant to say that part of it was underground and part of it was not but was surrounded by high walls. A topless igloo, I guess. ;)