Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Guy

I was reminded on facebook today about a story I really need to write down and remember.

Matty was about two and a half; Jack was a baby.  It was a Sunday evening in the fall; we had been watching the Vikings game, but it had ended.  I was in the kitchen, baking, and Cory was playing on the dining room floor with Jack.  I suddenly noticed that Matty was standing next to the recliner, leaning into it with his elbow intently watching an episode of Family Guy that had come on after the game.

I freaked out.
"Cory!  Change the channel!  Look what Matty's watching!"

Matthew sauntered into the kitchen, looks at me and says, "Mommy!  Me and Poppa watch this show when you're not here!"

Uh huh.  Really?  Cory and I exchanged some glances (mine, furious; his; embarassed).

A couple hours later, I was on the computer downstairs.  Matty clearly wasn't done talking about it.  He stood next to my desk, put his hand on his hips and said:

"Mommy.  When you're here, you change the channel.  When Poppa's here, we watch that show.  OKAY?" 

I had to tell him, behind my hands to hide my laughter, that he wasn't the boss and that show is never appropriate for children.

He crossed his arms, gave me a "hmph" and stormed out.

It hasn't happened again.  Now that he's old enough to tattle.  :D

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Anonymous said...

One time...Seriously, that kid has a memory!

And I don't like getting in trouble.