Sunday, September 11, 2011

American Heroes Day

I hereby request that from now until eternity, September 11 be officially known as United States Heroes Day. We will celebrate those who choose professions in which they put themselves in harm's way for the good of our citizens. Heroes.

I went to an incredibly touching 10-year Anniversary Ceremony of September 11 with many of the fire/police/ems employees in the State of Minnesota this afternoon. I couldn't keep it together when I saw the photos of the firefighters' funerals, or the mournful sound of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

An awful lot of Americans lost their lives that day. An awful lot of friends and relatives of those victims are still grieving.

And I suppose it's because of my position in life, but I can't stop thinking about those wives. Those children, who are growing up without their fathers because they ran into a collapsing highrise to save others.

Think of that love. That selflessness. It takes my breath away.

I was sitting by friends of ours, who are relatively new parents. I was thinking about how much Matt loves his daughter and how I know he wouldn't hesistate to lay his life down for her. Those 343 firefighters were men like Matt. They were fathers, and husbands. Good, kind, honest men. And in a devastating moment, they made a decision to put others, strangers, in front of their daughters, their families, because they took an oath to do so, and these are men of deep honor. But now those children, and those wives are living without those men.

So, on this day, I stand in solidarity with those women. Because my pain is no worse than another's, but my empathy for them runs deep. And no matter how proud they are of their firefighters, they must miss them something desperate.

My most sincere prayer is that none of the men and women I was surrounded with today know that agony. That none of them ever have to give everything for their profession, even though they are prepared to do so. That my husband always keeps the promise he made me: to always come home. I remain in deep love, and in admiration of each of them -- and thank them for everything they do.

Happy Heroes Day.


Cory said...

Very nice post!

Your support is always appreciated by everyone.


ethiopifinn said...

oh leanne.

so wonderfully dear, you are, with a loving way with word.

Shannonleigh said...

Thank you for putting into words the feelings in my heart. Happy Heroes Day sweet friend!

MindiJo said...

Our real life American heroes do deserve a day to be thanked, no doubt. WHY ISN'T THERE A DAY TO HONOR THEM?!

However, September 11th will forever be September 11th to me. There's just so much that encompasses it... It evokes such strong emotions, doesn't it?

I do thank our real American Heroes from the bottom of my heart.

Elizabeth said...

I have much more of an (appreciation, empathy) and deep respect for firefighters, ems and police after having my husband on the FD. It is amazing how such a 'small' part of our lives can change so hugely our view of the world. Your way with words surpasses mine immensely and this post caught my heart. -In fact I started crying! Thank you, also, for being the supportive wife that enables your husband to serve the rest of us.