Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be Kind to One Another

My sister Laura and I are going to the Ellen Show in a couple weeks.  I've been watching Ellen since the very first season. I had quit my full-time job to move out of state.  I was home packing, and she came on TV.  The first thing I remember her saying was, "...and if you're tuning in for the first time, what took you so long?" 

And I haven't missed an episode since.  She's funny, Ellen.  And she's kind.  And generous.  I like to think I'm her biggest fan, but truly there are thousands who love her as much as I do.  I'm sure if I had an "if you could have lunch with anyone in the world, living or dead..." she'd make my list.  And I may never get that, but I am going to sit in her live audience.  That'll do, for now.

Since I missed my 500th post giveaway (such a slacker...I'm nine over now), I'd do one now!  In honor of eight years of waiting for the opportunity to go to a live Ellen taping.

At the end of every show, Ellen says, "Be kind to one another!"  So here's what you have to do:  you have to step out of your kindness comfort zone.  You have to be kind to another person that you wouldn't normally be.  It can't be your kids, or your spouse, etc. (unless, of course, you're not usually kind to which get extra points for changing that relationship!).

Here are some ideas:

Pay a compliment to a stranger.
Do a random act of kindness.
Pay for someone behind you in a drivethrough.
Volunteer your time somewhere you haven't before.

And then, you have to tell me about it.  You can comment here, or send me an email or call me.  And I'll put you in a random drawing for something I pick up for you at the Ellen shop!

Kindness feels good.  Even if you don't get a'll still win!

Be kind to one another!


Joanna said...

I compliment strangers all the time! Okay, fine. I'll think of something else. ;)

Leanne said...

I love that about you, Jo.

Leanne said...

Entry: Tara. She's awesome.

Anonymous said...

The person that annoys me the second ost at church....I decided to be kind tonight since that is what Christ would do, and drove to her home to drop off her son's left at church Awana book. Even after she grumbled at the door to me, I smiled and said have a nice night.


SewSara said...

leanne, you are awesome!
i hope you'll tell ellen about this project :)
and wow i'm so jealous that you get to see her live!! i agree -- she's so funny/warm/genuine.
i watched her show daily in MO but for some reason it's gotten crazier here in UT and my kids rarely "let" me ... ugh. i miss watching daily.

Leanne said...

Entry: LaRae

I expect there will be a ton of entries because I have the kindest friends.

Anonymous said...

yes! tell ellen about this!!!!! xoxoxoxxo!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is going to be fun.

~Mindizzle, Foshizzle~

Leanne said...

Why are you anonymous, Mindizzle??

Mrs. Gorbe said...

When choosing my kids to go to the new kindergarten classroom, I made sure to give them 3 really nice kids!!

Leanne said...

Entry: Gina. Wow.

Laura said...

A couple of weeks ago I saw a woman trying on pants in a fitting room. She was discussing them with the fashionably challenged sales woman. I had to intervene, I told her that the flared leg was perfect. A few minutes later she shouted to me across the store. She was wondering about the size. I told her they were perfect ( they were). When I was checking out I realized that I had an extra coupon for $25 off of $75. I went out on a limb and approached her and offered her the coupon. She was very thankful and bought the pants in two colors. She informed me she was in town for her son's wedding shower. She was a beautiful woman. I helped her because I would hope someone would help my mom if I wasn't there to help her shopping. :)
Sincerely, Ben's Laura

Leanne said...

Awesome, Laura. Seriously.

This is the best giveaway EVER. I love you guys.

mom of many said...

here was one of my latest acts of kindness...we were at the same place of business and the lady next to me was pondering if she should just write a check or charge $1.00 on her credit card, or go dig around in her car for loose change...I handed her a dollar:) and told her to pass it on (the act of kindness)

emily said...

Yesterday while walking to my bus on campus, I saw an elderly lady visibly confused. She was actually turning in circles and scratching her chin. I asked her if she was looking for a specific building. She told me where and why, so I proceeded to give her directions. She then wanted directions to another place, so I gave her those. After I was finished she asked me again how to the first place, so I said I'd walk with her. She started telling me she needed money for the bus. I asked her how much and it was only $.50, so I gave her a dollar and told her to have a wonderful rest of the day. Made me smile :)