Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We've officially entered the "cutest stage" with Matthew.

Yesterday we went to see "A Day in the Life of a Elf" with my friend Jill. She took a personal day off work and suggested we take the boys to the eight floor display at downtown Macy's, so that's what we did. It was a great experience...the boys and I greatly enjoyed our day; hopefully Jill did too!

After we had gone through and the boys were munching on cookies Auntie Jill bought them, she asked him what he asked Santa for for Christmas.

Matty: "A 'mote control fire truck."

Jill: "Oh, a fire truck?"

Matty: "No...a 'mote control fire truck."

Jill: "What else did you ask for?"

Matty [holding up five fingers and shaking his head]: "No...I not get lots of presents. Some kids don't get NO presents!"

Aww! I talk about gratitude a lot with Cole, and evidently Matty has overheard us. Lesson: it's never too early to talk to them about empathy. My child is smarter than I gave him credit for.
Remember those who have less. :)


MindiJo said...

Oh, Leanne! What a good mom you are. That is extremely sweet and it speaks volumes about the values you are teaching your children. Good for you.

Laura Jean said...

That's a proud mama moment. :)

And how precious of Matty!

Elizabeth said...

awwwww .. that is wonderful. what a great mom moment!

sis amy said...

Aww...He is so precious!