Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas

Who doesn't love a little cream-puff face?

Our holiday was fantastic (although as a mom, I also have to say it was a TON of work! I loved it, but was sort of glad when it was the evening of the 25th). I don't know exactly how to blog about a whole week, so I'll try it like this:

December 23rd: Christmas Eve Eve. This has turned into our big night, since it's the night during Christmas that Cole stays with us. We had Chinese food and cream puffs (YUM...let me know if you want the recipe!) then we did gifts for each other. Jill & Gary stopped by with (way too many) gifts for the kids. It was delightful to spend a little time with them; we don't get enough.
December 24th: Christmas Eve. We spent the morning as a family. Santa came and brought gifts for the kids. We went to my in-laws around noon and spent all day eating...seriously. The appetizers everyone made were so yummy! The highlight gift were these helicopters: if you have a boy aged 7 - 35 feel free to get them one; he'll love it.

December 25: Christmas Day. We got to go to my mom and dad's after morning mass with Cory's family. It was such a relaxing afternoon! Many of my siblings were out of town, so it was quieter than normal. It's always lonesome around the holidays, but the afternoon was still fun. Chrissy & Brett...we'll have a Scrabble rematch soon!

Last night Cory and I stayed in a hotel overnight. It was the absolutely perfect end to the holiday season. We went to dinner and just laid back for the evening...what a treat. Everyone should do that once in awhile...just spend some quality time with each other. Dreamy...


- Cole getting everything he wanted and then some for Christmas
- The Xbox 360
- Jack saying "bye-bye" at the end of Mass and the priest responding saying "bye-bye" right back while he was wrapping up the service
- The time with friends and family
- The relatively mild weather
- Kelly's engagement!
- The coin books that my father-in-law made for each of the kids; they have a quarter from each state. He's been working on them for years!

Hope your holiday was as wonderful as mine!


Laura Jean said...

Jack said bye-bye before that priest was finished talking? Hilarious! And he looks so big in that picture with Tanya! Also like Cole's short 'do! I'm glad you had a good time!

Laura Jean said...

How could I forget to comment on the first picture of Jack? What a clown! :D

Elizabeth said...

That sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I love the "bye-bye" story.

sis amy said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Ours was good. Was nice to have some time with our family as well this year!

andy said...

Oh, the "bye-bye" is precious. It reminds me of when Anders visited my parents' church two years ago and said too loudly, "I don't like this place." :) From the mouths of babes.

Leanne said...

Andy - that CRACKS me up! Did he say it loud enough for everyone to hear in true kid fashion!?

MindiJo said...

The picture of Jack is hilarious. Love it. And the bye-bye story. You have your hands full with that one...

As if you and Cory "just relaxed" at the hotel. Whatever, Leanne. Don't wanna hear the details, though.

I'm glad your holidays were so wonderful. Mine were, too. I totally get the whole "lonesome" part of it.

MindiJo said...

Oh, I forgot to add: The gift from your father-in-law is very creative. What a great gift!

andy said...

He sure did--it was right out of Reader's Digest, I swear.

Chrissy said...

A rematch would be fun anytime. I know Brett would have a blast (he's actually already reminded me... twice) but maybe we need a timer.