Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seven Things...

I was tagged to share six random things with you. Any time I have to number something in an email or here, it seems like I get personal. But maybe that's the point. Here goes:

1. Three things I've always been unapologetic about: I don't return stuff, I don't eat leftovers and I don't repark (if I park crooked, I stay crooked). I've gotten better about the returning stuff business since I had kids, but I still hate to do it.

2. I hate finishing chores. That last step is always hardest for me: putting away the laundry, unloading the dishwasher. Doing the actual laundry or dishes doesn't really bother me though!

3. Parenting is harder than I thought it was going to be. It's also the most rewarding job I've ever had. It's hard to explain and extremely cliche, but I love my kids more than anything in the world.

4. I'm very proud of my spiritual journey. I wish the same happiness for everyone who searches for themself. I've found that the most difficult things have brought me the most reward. The peace that I've found is the greatest gift I've been given. I think I see things clearer now than I ever have in my life...as I get older, I'm more and more comfortable in my skin. And I never want to stop learning so that never goes away. I love listening to other people's stories as well. I am always amazed at the presence of God in others' lives.

5. I still miss waitressing. I love serving people. I wish I could still do it once in awhile. It's so rewarding to watch happy customers leave a restaurant.

6. I have a "not enough" complex. I'm not thin enough. I don't do enough for the people around me. I'm not doing enough to change the world. I don't work out enough. It's something I'm working on though!

7. (I know I'm adding one more) A lot of people say it, but I have the best friends. A week or so ago, I was moved to tears talking about it. People in my life are the premise of this blog and I am insanely grateful for those who move amongst me.

PS I'm not tagging anyone, because I think most everyone has been tagged, but I will encourage you to go to my sister Laura's blog. She's more interesting than me.


Laura Jean said...

A) I would have split #1 into 3. :D
B) Crooked park-ers drive me nuts.
C) I hate finishing chores also- must be genetic.
4) I am by no means more interesting than you- just crazier.8-P

Leanne said...

Well I could have split it into three, but they've always been a single mantra of mine.

Crooked parkers drive me nuts, too. But I hate reparking.

Penney said...

It's interesting I never knew you don't return things. LOL I'm the QUEEN of returning things. :) I always repark if I'm crooked, especially if Matt's in the car. lol

Elizabeth said...

1. I eat lots of leftovers. It's good and bad.

2. I do laundry about once every 2-3 weeks. When I open the dryer, I usually find the last load I did waiting to be unloaded. Especially if it's socks and underwear. Oh well ..

4. Mine is easily one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I'd say the best, but getting the pup is pretty up there, and he was sort of the impetus for change. :)

5. That's why I always choose a job that has some level of customer service. :)

6. I think we all do. :)

Anonymous said...

About returning things, Cory is just like you. Whenever Dan is missing something, he can find it at your place, such as the ladder. It sure is a good thing you live close. :) You did return my tupperware though.
My comments about the mailbox the other day, Dan talked to the mail lady (she didn't do it) and she's going to file a report. She is nice.
Love, Sherry

Leanne said...

Oh, Sherry! I don't mind returning this I borrow, I mind returning things I buy! (Although Cory does NOT return Dan's things. I'd do it for him, except I never even know when he borrows stuff!) I almost always have a small pile on my counter to return to you...kids' clothes, dishes, etc. :)

Leanne said...

See, Libby. Your #4 intrigues me...how that all came about...

Leanne said...

Laura - I just realized your sequence of thoughts...a, b, c, 4. I love it almost as much as when you said "ROLF" I sometimes think "rolling on the laughing floor" whenever I read that abbreviation now. :)

MindiJo said...

What are you talking about? These are just as fantastic as Laura's. Good tidbits. I would not have known any from #1 about you.
I totally agree with #2. Hate it myself. I have little things all around my house that need to be put away. I brought them part way there, but got distracted or thought, "I'll get it when I go that way next time."
As for #6, you seem completely confident in your own skin and happy with yourself. You never need "more", you are perfect the way you are.
And your friends feel very highly of you, BTW.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Oh, Leanne, you are just as interesting as Laura! :)

I don't like finishing chores either! I never thought about it before, until I read your post. I don't. Prime example, the dishwasher stays loaded far too much longer than is necessary. (That's where we most often get our dishes, rather than from the cupboard!)

I giggled at your number one. :) Crooked parking, it drives my husband nuts if I so much as make a squeak about it if he's crooked. Haha! (I always straighten out. He doesn't care.)

In regards to the not liking to return things, I thought you were talking about things you borrow, too, until I saw your response to Sherry. Haha!

Aw, I like your #7 because I can relate. I love those moments when we're filled with so much gratitude that we're moved to tears. That's the best feeling.

cory said...

Jeez Mom, all I have is Dad's ladder!