Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Garage sale help...?

I'm having my first-ever garage sale. And, just to make sure it's fairly complicated, I'm also organizing my neighbors to have a Pilgrim Lane Area Garage Sale. I have eight families participating. Here is my to-do list; what am I forgetting??

- Price all my stuff. I have my lower-level family room FULL of stuff. Holy crap. This is the scariest part for me.

- Signage.

- Advertise. One of my neighbors is doing a craigslist ad. If it goes well, we might charge a small fee next year and then advertise in the StarTrib as well. Do you read the paper to find garage sales??

- Get tables.

- Find an adding machine.

- Get enough bags. I'm thinking of hitting a restaurant supply store just so I don't have to stress about having enough piled up.

- Get quarters and small bills. No need for other change, there won't be anything priced for less than that. If you want it for a dime, you can just take it. :)

So much to do. Sale opens two weeks from today!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Sounds like you've got everything! But, I'm really tired so my brain may not be functioning properly at the moment.

I'm a garage sale junky, and even though I didn't use to, I *always* scout out sales in the paper. :) Mostly, because I garage sale for junk. If there happen to be sales with kid's clothes, it's just a bonus.

Good luck, and have fun!

How weird is that? My word verification is 'souna'. Just thought it was ironic.

K. I'm tired.

sis amy said...

Probably you should bake and have a coffee pot out. Oh, and maybe a cooler with pop and water.....Plus, make sure you have a path through your house in case someone like Shari CANNOT WAIT to use the toilet. And have a dressing room set up. :P Just kidding-your list looks great and you'll do great. Just trying to stress you out by these obnoxious extras. BUT scotheroos did pay for half my advertising one year. Just saying........Good luck and hope you sell out!

Leanne said...

Amy! That totally cracks me up. good ideas, actually! I wonder if Caribou would donate coffee for my "cause"...

Julie said...

Good luck! I have LOTS of bags I can give to you. If you run out, it doesn't matter. Don't pay for some! Just tell people that you ran out, most have 17 other bags in the car anyway. :)

I use craigslist but I definitely use the Star Tribune when looking for garage sales. I actually look online for a couple days and then grab the Thursday paper on my way.

Awesome idea with only pricing in quarters/dollars- my mom always did that at their garage sale and says it was so much easier!

Good luck!

Laura Jean said...

I have a TON of bags also- don't buy them. Seriously, a TON. You MUST sell at least water, if not pop and water. I say "MUST" just cause I always appreciate it when people do that. Snacks are good also.

MindiJo said...

Wow. You sound like you have it under control. Maybe signs for the sizes of clothes you are selling- if you are motivated enough to sort it like that. You will sell more that way.

Definitely do the paper. It'll be worth your money. For sure.

Good luck. Sell lots of stuff. So that you make a ton of money- enough to come visit me! ;)

Jo said...

Wish I lived closer so I could come shop!

Sherry said...

I'll save bags for you too. I also have a large board that can be used as a table. Just put saw horses underneath it. I also have lots of table cloths to cover the tables. Use a small fishing tackle box for your money. You don't need an adding machine, you can use a calculator although there is an adding machine in the empty cube next to me that maybe I can borrow.
Good Luck, Sherry

Tanya said...

I have mom's board and saw horses. I'll also bring my card table over. Oh, and I have 3 signs and flags. What about hanging clothes? Are you planning on hanging any of them or putting them all on tables? My mom used to hang them from an extension ladder that she hung in the garage. It's always so frustrating to look through clothes that are piled on tables.

Leanne said...

Wow, you are all so helpful!

1. I'll sell soda and water. And I think I might get a box of candy bars from Sam's and sell those, too.

2. Coffee...? Maybe.

3. Tanya - I can't figure out what you mean exactly. I want to hang some stuff, but that's Cory's project to work on. :)

4. Everything will be sorted by size. Absolutely.

5. Laura - I need your bags, then.

Leah said...

We used to have an extension cord available for people to try any products that required electricity (old tools, curling iron, etc). Obviously it's not needed if you have no electrical items for sale. :)
Also, notoriously, the first 3 customers each buy an item for $1 paying with a $20 bill. Something to keep in mind. :)

Leah said...

Oh, I've also had one table designated for all items priced at 25 cents -- then no need to price each item. My mom had hundreds of little nicknacks one year and it worked out perfectly. I always do a free bin, too...stuff I don't need/want that others may like. I think one year I had a bunch of old washcloths and tablecloths (thread-bare) and some lady grabbed them because she used them for beds for a new batch of puppies she had. One person's trash is another's treasure. :)

Laura Jean said...

I'll bring my bags and the book you borrowed me down there sometime next week- Wednesday or Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Wow after all these helpful hints you should open a professional garage sale and sell things for other people when you run out of your own stuff! :P Laura L.

Leanne said...

Laura - you are not kidding. I now feel pressure to have the Best Garage Sale Ever. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, too bad I couldn't make it!! I am not much of a garage saler..but I would love to be a guest at ours! I sounds fabulous! :) Laura