Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peterson Giveaway!

(No. I'm not giving away a Peterson.)

I am going to start a collection of all things Peterson. It's a common name, so I thought it would be a fun collage idea. Here's entry #1. Anyone know where it is?


Submit a picture of a business in your area with the name Peterson in it. I'll pick randomly from the submitters next Friday, May 1. Winner will receive a $15 gift certificate. (Catch: you must be the photographer).
You can email me your submissions at


C PETERSON said...

I know where that one is! Do I win?

Leanne said...

No, C PETERSON. You don't win. The prize is for whomever takes a picture of a business with Peterson in it. But you do get a Pat on the Back Award. :)

Laura Jean said...

How many pics of Swanson Peterson funeral home do you think you'll get?

Leanne said...

LOL, Laura! I hope at least one.

MindiJo said...

LOL. That's funny, Laura. I wonder if there are any Peterson businesses here?

I'm going to check in the phone book right now.

Chrissy said...

Is that the truck on 12 by I think 14?

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Can I take a picture of my brother-in-law? ;) I don't know the name of his construction company, but the name's about right.

(Bet he'd LOVE that.)