Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Accident

Okay, so here's the story. I went to Lowes to order window treatments for our new bedroom. I decided to make a quick stop at Target. I was trying to get home to make a hurry, as always.

I threw both bags into the van with my left hand, and grabbed the van door handle with my right, swung it shut and didn't get my left index finger out in time (I told the doctor it was my left pointer finger. Pointer finger. Geez.)

I yanked my finger out, looked down and saw the gash - and it's incredible depth - before it started to bleed. Flipped it over and saw the laceration on the other side. Instantly freaked out. I have never cut myself really. Not like that. I had my cell phone in my hand. As the blood was dripping onto my keys and the ground, I dialed Cory. In shock, I told him that I "had a big problem" and needed him to come get me.

My in-laws (GOD BLESS THEM. Again.) were home and waiting for the kids, so Cory was able to come right up.

The strange thing was what my body did. I just went into shock, I guess. I walked back into Target. It was really busy - 5:00 on a Friday. I grabbed paper towel from the food court. (Why paper towel and not napkins? I have no idea. Not important.) Wrapped my finger up, lest it fall off. HEY! I didn't know how bad it was. Don't judge my dramatic nature!

I kept looking for a helpful face (lesson: be a helpful face.). I saw a manager I had seen earlier standing at the end of a lane. I remembered that she had a cute Target outfit. A long sleeved white dress shirt with a red vest over it. It was really cute. For a Target outfit. Anyway...I walked up, bawling, and interruped her conversation with her Team Member. "Do you think you could help me for a minute?" I asked. She kindly led me to the Team Member Service Area (I don't know if it was really called that, actually.) and made me sit down and wait for Cory. God bless him, too, he must have been there in less than five minutes.

He took me to urgent care where they stitched one laceration three times and the other one two. Xrays showed no broken bones. Evidently newer vans have some kind of gap that usually prevents breakage. The only horrible part was that RIDICULOUS novacain shot to my finger four times. Are you KIDDING me?! Mmmm...guess it's better than stitching without a numb finger. I think.

Really, it's kind of a dumb story. It could have been so much worse. And right away, as soon as Cory picked me up, I was grateful:

1. It wasn't a Rugrat's finger. I'd do that a hundred times to spare them.
2. The Rugrats weren't with me.
3. Cory was home, in-laws were home.
4. Urgent care was quiet. Everyone else was at The Cabin.

And that's it. The story of The Accident. Kind of boring, even to me.

Happy weekend. God bless you and your appendages!


Leanne said...

Oh! And I forgot this part: The LOD (Leader on Duty) said, "You're in luck! I went to school to be a nurse!" as he pulled out the First Aid kid. I told him if he didn't mind, I just as soon wait for my husband. I didn't really want the nurse/LOD pouring hydrogen peroxide on my falling-off finger!

Sara said...

ouch ouch ouch!
that story made me cringe.

ethiopifinn said...

oh my word! that was not boring! i couldn't read it fast enough!!! and i am so glad your finger did not fall off, or break. whew.

Katie said...

Ouch. Glad that you and your finger are doing alright!

Laura Jean said...

Sorry, I'm still giggling a little. Mostly because I was telling your story that night when I went out with the girls and someone said, "What? How did she TEXT you?" I hadn't even thought of that! Only you (well, and me probably) would somehow manage to text a dramatic text amidst the panic! :D

For realsy, hope it's feeling better today...

Leanne said...

For realsy, I can text with one hand. Anywhere. I was actually in the doctor's waiting room when I sent it. To you and Shannon. The only people I felt like I could safely use that kind of language with. (I used a special adjective to describe the door, as I recall it.)

Amy said...

Yikes! I'm glad you were taken care of so quickly. Those local anesthetic shots are painful! Take care of your finger and watch out for doors! :)

Elizabeth said...

ouch, ouch, ouch. I am glad that you are doing better now!

MindiJo said...

Not boring. I wish it would have been a boring story. Because that one sounds like it hurts. Yowzer! I was cringing and quickly trying to read. I was glad you didn't describe how you could see bone or anything like that.
Hope your finger is feeling better.

Julie said...

I'm glad for you that Cory was able to come right away. I would've panicked too! Ouch... hope it feels better soon.

sis amy said...

Yuck and OUCH!!!!!!!!!

andy said...

Uffda. Ouch.

I'm kind of wondering how a guy goes to school to be a nurse but later is the LOD at Target. Sorry. Not the point.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Oooh...that is such a bummer! Ouch. I hope your finger is healing nicely. That's making me cringe for you...! I can't imagine how that hurt.

I can't even text two-handed, so I'm giggling over you doing it one-handed while you're injured. You must be a pro!

Amanda Kay said...

That was a very amusing story!
I am sorry for the finger though, hope it heals up fast!